Gritty, Being Borderline Inappropriate

Apparently this video was deleted off the NHL Twitter feed.

It shows Gritty interrupting the LA Kings broadcasters last night by blasting them with silly string, but he’s doing it in a… somewhat sexual way:

Gritty does a bit of twerking at the end of the video clip, for good measure.

I did some sleuthing, a bit of investigative journalism, if you will. And by “investigative journalism” I mean scrolling through Twitter.

Another guy saved this video clip, which features a timestamp of 10:45 this Friday morning:

Sure enough, nothing on the NHL Twitter feed featuring that video, so it looks like it was deleted. I thought they might have caught on to the suggestive nature of the clip and erased all traces of it, however, it’s still posted to the NHL Facebook page and exists on the NHL’s official website as well.

Full writeup on the NHL site, after the jump:

No one is safe from Gritty.

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot was up to his old tricks again, this time dousing Los Angeles Kings broadcasters Jim Fox and Daryl Evans in silly string.

Fox and Evans were in the middle of breaking down the Kings power play on live television, but everyone’s favorite big orange furball didn’t seem to care.

The Kings broadcast team did of course chuckle at the scene, it’s Gritty, after all, but were also certain to point out that Bailey, the beloved Kings mascot, was their favorite in the game hands down.

Gritty responded by standing in front of the camera and blocking the broadcast team’s live shot for a few more seconds.

Yeah, that’s the PG explanation, but it sure looks like Gritty was enjoying a big orange orgasm on live television.

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3 Responses

  1. The cuz is jealous…
    Gritty’s ropes are much more thick, robust and have a better PSI than the cuz could ever hope to have.

    Besides it looks like ITME just became JITME

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