You know what? This is not OK. I know Meek Mill has his reform thing going on with Michael Rubin and Robert Kraft, and that the two billionaire owners are instrumental in turning Meek into a household name and all that, but come on– maybe politely decline the invite to play at the Pats party just a year after you were a literal symbol to your home city?

Like I don’t even think I’m being irrational with this. His song was a rallying cry for the entire city last year, literally with people of all colors and creeds dancing in the streets during the parade, singing his song and chanting #FreeMeek, never mind the overwhelming support he’s received from a community to whom an Eagles Super Bowl championship – and his song in particular – are seminal lifetime events. Never mind this:

If you think this isn’t about sports and fandom, remember that Meek helicopter-ed directly to a Sixers playoff game when he got out of jail.

And to all the people who are saying he got paid to be there, I doubt it– Meek was almost certainly there with Rubin and Kraft, like he was at the Fanatics party a day earlier, and my gut tells me he’s not charging them for his services. Just a Pats fan celebrating the big win. Maybe he can catch a Celtics game next week.