Nick Foles, From Downtown

via Twitter (Jay Wright)

Did you know that Nick Foles was once a basketball point guard?

The broadcasters mention that during every single Eagles game.

Turns out Nick can do more than just distribute the football or basketball. He can also shoot the J:

I think we’ve found a way to keep both Nick Foles and Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

First, slap the franchise tag on Foles. Second, trade him to the Sixers for a draft pick. Third, start Carson under center next season.

Problem solved.

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7 Responses

  1. Cut …paste….attempt at humorous quip….give no credit to the source you lifted content from ….and …POST. Voila!

    ah, the life of Kink-O. You do good work, Kinkster.

      1. I come to this page during work hours because Twitter is blocked- and you basically copy/paste it all.

        Jokes on work! You help me beat the system.

  2. What CAN’T this guy do.

    Well, I mean besides have a bad back and divide the team like our franchise QB does.

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