Patriots Fans Beating the Crap Out of Each Other

via Twitter (Colin Beatt)


Look at these Massholes:

I’m a big fan of the tough guy in the white shirt. Nice sucker punch. I dare him to come down to Fishtown and pull something like that.

But yeah, you’d never see this in Philly.

I mean, you might see someone eating horse poop off the sidewalk, but you’d never see Eagles fans clobbering each other during a celebration.

I wonder how the fake news media will attempt to spin this one!


8 Responses

  1. You’d never see this in Philly? I guess you don’t remember Jon Ritchie being arrested at last years super bowl parade soooooooooooooo whats your point again?

  2. If I had to defend hot milk with clams in it as my regional food staple I would punch people too.

  3. Is that the area where Okafor beat up some dude?

    While very short lived, the Okafor Rocky CB T-shirt was one of your better ones.

    Also, in what country did your “Always Banging” shirts end up?

  4. Come down to Fishtown?

    Why? So we can watch an IT guy from New York argue with a DJ from Charlotte over a parking spot because they both bought $400 K houses with garages but can’t cut the turn to get their Mini Coopers into them?

    And then watch them trash talk each other on neighborhoods Facebook groups?

    My favorite one was when the former president of the Fishtown neighbors association sued the current president because he was complaining about him at crossfit.

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