Report: Eagles Clearing a Ton of Cap Space

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t have numbers on the new Rodney McLeod deal, but we do now.

Per Field Yates:


Edit: more from Rapoport –


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  2. *Copies, pastes.*

    /end article

    You’re really an inept “writer”. Great stuff Kev. Earn that t-shirt money. Nissan Frontier!

  3. Hey Kink, What do you think the Eagles are going to do with all this extra cap space?

      1. I sometimes wonder if kyle grabs your ears and pounds that rug your wearing…all the while thinking
        its Rosanne Barr’s bush.

        Why did you leave that Philadelphia tv station?

  4. I’m typically not one to complain about this site or Kevin’s reporting, but this headline is total click bait. This isn’t a report. This is literally grabbing a tweet and adding “Wow” to it. As someone who lives and grew up in the same town as Kevin, I’m a bit disappointed. This isn’t a Report… c’mon man.

    1. it’s a “report” because the information is not confirmed by the Eagles or the NFL

      that’s why it’s written in the headline, because it’s someone else reporting information

      1. You make up all kinds of shittt.
        Just remember. when you have to get a real job
        all of these faked and dumbied up posts and stupid smart ass comments are going to
        comeback and haunt you.

  5. I took a week long break from Twitter and other social media. Thanks to CB, i still get to see everyone else’s tweets. Thanks for copy/pasting them for me during my hiatus.

    1. He was playing for a bad beat jackpot at the Taj Mahal poker room in AC. This was before all the allegations came out. Who could forget Bill on the Sports Reporters on Sunday with a cup of coffee in his hand debating the sports of the day with Mike, Mitch and Bob. Who knew that Bill was actually Uncle Ernie. The depraved Uncle from the rock opera Tommy who fiddled about while the parents were out.

  6. A “ton” is a unit of weight and money is tracked in currency. Unless you literally have 2,000 pounds of money….you shouldn’t use the term “ton” when referring to money. You should invest in an AP Style Guide if you plan on making this writing hobby a career.

    Kevin’s High School English Teacher

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