Report: Wayne Simmonds to Predators

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

From Pierre LeBrun:

Great landing spot for Simmonds, who goes to a contender in the Western Conference. Nashville is second in the central division on 77 points, just one point behind Winnipeg. Simmer will reunite with Peter Laviolette, having played under Lavy from 2011-2014 in Philadelphia.

Bob McKenzie has more on the trade details:

Nashville should win a round in the playoffs, so I think the Flyers are probably getting a third out of this.

As for Hartman, he was trade to Nashville from Chicago last season, a 24-year-old third-line right winger with 10 goals and 10 assists this year. He looks to be a restricted free agent at season’s end. 

So that’s… not really much of a return for Simmonds, a bottom-6 guy and a conditional fourth-rounder. But at this point in his career, Simmer is a 30-year-old 3rd line unrestricted free agent, so I guess the glass-half-full approach is to be happy for getting anything at all for a guy on an expiring contract. The glass-half-empty approach is to think that Chuck Fletcher held his cards too long.

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13 Responses

  1. The “Sixers writer” evaluates “ice hockey” transaction.

    Really industry changing stuff you guys are doing! Where do I pay??

  2. Happy for Simmonds but this is not a good trade in my book. Fletcher couldn’t even get a 2nd rounder for wayne train?

  3. Not sure if you’ll read this but if you do…thank you mr. Simmonds. I met you a couple years ago at an autograph signing at the KOP mall. I told you I was going through a tough divorce at that time and watching the flyers really helped me get by. You told me to “keep my head up” and “stay strong”. I will never forget those words! Thank you again Mr. Simmonds or as the boys call ya “Simmer”.

  4. Terrible trade cause Fletch couldn’t decide to shit or get off the pot. Because he has a team who doesn’t know if they want to win or lose! Flyers cupless for infinity!

  5. Absolutely waited too long. Can’t wait to see spin on this. Hartman is a young, gritty former first round pick and draft picks are important …blah, blah, blah. Hextall got more for a one legged 54 year old kimmo timmonen

  6. Terrible trade.

    Got nothing in return so it was a pointless deal.may as well tried to sign him in the offseason.

    Chuck Fletcher is only known for destroying the Minnesota Wild for two decades. Good thing he is steering the ship.

    1. Yep. Hextall needed to go too, ironically for waiting too long to pull the trigger on calling up the young guns for NHL experience. But nothing on Fletcher’s resume suggested he was some kind of modern NHL visionary. By waiting until the deadline to trade a pending UFA, the rest of the league had him over a barrel with no incentive to give the Flyers a massive haul. Or even a respectable one. But if he had to go, glad he’ll have a chance to win with the coach under whom he had his best years.

  7. Pretty much a nothing trade, but expectations for a 1st-rounder are based on Simmonds of 3 years ago. Also, maybe give the organ-EYE-zation some props for putting him into a good situation–strong Cup contender with a coach who knows and respects him. Maybe they took a lesser deal to do right by a loyal, hardworking soldier? Good luck, Wayne Train.

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