Scott Boras, Your Thoughts?

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I take back everything bad I said about Scott Boras. He does not remind me of a corrupting octopus, spreading his vile influence via slimy tentacles.

Bryce Harper’s agent apparently spoke today to New York Post columnist and MLB Network Insider Joel Sherman.

Here are some of the notes Sherman shared about Bryce Harper’s 13-year deal with the Phillies:

Hmm.. wow. So Harper could have probably earned more money immediately and then gone back into free agency to coincide with the expiration of the CBA in 2021. He really did have a full buffet of various offers in better weather cities.

More of the thread after the jump:

Yes. Yes it’s very difficult to get that kind of contract length. If your wife is currently pregnant right now, your child will be 12 when Harper’s contract expires.

Jim Salisbury says Middleton’s wife actually came on one of those trips. 

But yeah, this was pointed out many times that Harper RAKES at Citizens Bank Park. He has 208 plate appearances here with 48 hits and 14 home runs. His OPS is .930. His OPS at Citizens Bank Park is better than anywhere else in the National League East.

Good nugget there.

Let’s think about this later. Much later.

Yep, big consideration here. The National League DH can’t come soon enough, in my opinion.


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  1. The reference to ownership indicates that reports last week about Harper’s relationship with Nationals’ ownership and the reason for Middleton’s trip last weekend were probably very important

    1. Mike Miss just dominated Ingy. Ingy is a special needs person on ssi, but still, no one deserves to get owned that bad.

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