The Flyers’ Stadium Series Jerseys Aren’t Great

Image via Twitter

Remember that leak from last month that reportedly revealed the Flyers’ Stadium Series jersey? It was met with plenty of backlash from fans, who called the design “ugly”, “lazy” and “hideous.” Well, it turns out it was real. Feast your eyes on these puppies:

I’m not one to trash a designer’s work, but I don’t know how to feel. I think it’s a bland design and the first word that comes to mind is uninspired. In fairness, the Penguins’ jersey is equally pedestrian:

I guess go grab the new threads and show out for the Orange and Black on February 23rd at the Linc or something.

Kinkead: I kind of like these…



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  1. I wonder how this game is selling. I feel like the outdoor gimmick is wearing pretty thin, especially with a random ass regular season game that’s getting no hype from any media outlet.

    1. It looks like tickets were all sold to brokers thinking there would be a high resale. When you check tickets on stubhub, there are hundreds of tickets available in every section of the Linc. Same thing on the Ticketmaster site. Tickets are still close to $100 for upper level seats .

      I imagine prices will crash as the game gets closer and Flyers brass realizes that the stadium will be mostly empty.

  2. Russ, the podcast! I am going through with drawl here. The BSH garbage isn’t in the same league, but it’s regular as half of these shitposters morning diarrhea. WHERE’S THE STG RUSS!


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