The Patriots Used Meek Mill in a Hype Video

Photo Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

I know that Meek Mill is close with Bob Kraft, and the pair are involved with a new criminal justice reform group, but what the hell is this? –

Pretty bad.

Rams by a million.


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  1. Just like Kevin Hart. You people worship these guys and all they ever do is follow the hot team. They don’t care about this city. They just show up wherever the next championship game is being played.

  2. Meek Mill is a convicted felon. This city’s worshiping of him is kind of misplaced.

    That being said, who give’s a rat’s ass? You’re only allowed to use an artist’s, from within your team’s city limits, creative work to promote your sports teams or businesses?!

    Does London, England pitch a fit any time a championship team from any where in the world but London play Queen’s “We Are the Champions”?

    This same kind of “how dare they?” mentality explains why any time a football team dares to run a trick play where the QB goes out for a pass an affront to the Eagles because in the Super Bowl they ran the same play Clemson ran successfully in 2012 and the Chicago Bears ran successfully in 2016 and the Patriots failed to run successfully earlier IN THE SAME EXACT GAME.

    This is why Philly is a second rate city.

    1. its also a physically dirty city with horribly designed roads and highways. in short, this is what happens when you have democratic leadership for decades. Renaming the city Detroit Jr.

      1. Ok going to call you out there. Chicago, New York, LA, all shit holes with high taxes, all Democratic ruled. Nothing special about Philadelphia, it’s par for the blue course.

    2. But Boston is a world class city…….just don’t be a black hockey player who scores a gwg against the Bruins…..then the REAL Boston comes out…..just ask Marky Mark, or better yet his parole officer….

  3. are you forgetting the rams owner is a human bag of poop. made st louis pay for stadium, then took team to l.a. and shit on the city on the way out. fuck that guy with a barbed bat.

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