With “Remote” Chance of Signing Bryce Harper, Should the Phillies Pivot to the Mound?

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I’ve woken up the last two days with skull-splitting migraines.

Maybe it’s the weather. Or the allergens that surround me. Or the sinus infection. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s Harper Watch 2019. Yeah, that’s the one.

We’ve been riding a high for the last few weeks with reports of John Middleton flying to Las Vegas to meet with one of the few superstars in baseball, one who more than just the casual fan of America’s pastime can recognize away from the field. But with every passing day since Middleton’s plane departed Vegas late Saturday night, the Harpermania many felt in their hards has lost its luster. It’s dulling.

Like the start of a cold, we started with denial. “Maybe he’s sending the plane back for Klentak and Kapler.” Then Jim Salisbury reported Middleton was on the plane, “Well… he probably made a good impression”. Lump in the throat. In the four days that have followed, we’ve succumbed to the illness. We’ve awoken with that 300 lb. weight imploring us to stay in bed, as if to stay away from the news and the most recent “reports” from Mo Rocca Jon Heyman. We’ve fought with friends and loved ones when the Dodgers reportedly came back into the picture. Your uncle said, “JUST SHOW HIM THE MONEY! GET IT DONE!” Then this report came out:

You’ve had that doubt lurking in the back of your mind, and now it’s whispering in your ear, “Maybe he never wanted Philly…” You listened to music to drown out the doubt. Then this, after the jump:

Now what? Do we buy into Kevin’s list of 12 Excuses We Can Use if Bryce Harper Goes to the Dodgers Giants? Do we put on the “everything’s okay” face? This face:

Jon Heyman

I don’t know. I was comforted by Dan O’Dowd and Joe Girardi’s thoughts here:

Maybe they’re right. Granted, Marwin González signed on Monday with the Twins, but Keuchel and Kimbrel are still on the market. I love the idea of signing Kimbrel independent of the Harper situation. Installing him as your closer allows you to move Seranthony Dominguez and David Robertson into some combination of the 7th and 8th innings. Now all of a sudden you’d have a legit back end of the bullpen, something the team lacked in long stretches of the 2018 season. On Dallas Keuchel, our own Phillies writer Bob said:

“Keuchel would be a disaster. He’s not good, primarily. Enjoy the years 2-4 of that deal. Arrieta from the left side—who gives up a ton of pull contact with a defense that lacks a lot the left side. Also, if Boras screws over the Phils on Harper—I’m not turning around and signing his declining pitcher as a consolation.”

It remains to be seen what’ll happen in the coming days, but what was once a vibrant vision of an Opening Day roster featuring Bryce Harper now appears to be fading away.


Yay, another update!


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  1. Fuck this prick. I hope Nola beams him one good and then he tears his ACL while jogging to first.

    1. Why would he want to come to a cesspool Democrat run city like Philadelphia?
      He would obviously choose a clean neat modern Republican run city like San Francisco.

  2. Because Steve is a former GM and knows Klentak you can be sure the Phils GM told him they were basically out of the race for Harper. Bryce is playing on West Coast one way or the other.

    1. Anal-ytics told me I can reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer by routinely giving myself the shocker. Boy, do my bawls hurt…

  3. Some1 explain to me if you’re Bryce harper and the money is essentially the same, why wouod he choose to live in Philly 6mos a yr vs LA/SF?

    1. Because the money’s not the same you moron.
      the west coast teams offered less years.
      get your shit together.

    2. SF isn’t going to win anytime soon and winning is supposed to be his motive. He could win in LA but they’re also getting old whereas the Phils are super young. He has an opportunity for sustained success here, not in those cities.

      Some people like seasons, walkability, deeply ingrained culture, proximity to other cities, and the unique character of the east coast.

  4. As I have said before many times. The Phillies organization is not prepared to do what needs to be done. The unmitigated audacity that permeates throughout the hallways of the team is pathetic. That’s right I said it.

  5. If Harper signs with SF or LA then Boras is like Samuel L Jackson in that scene from Hateful Eight where he’s leading that naked dude in the snow, gets him to blow him for a blanket and then doesn’t give him a blanket and the dude dies. Boras is cold blooded.

    Imagine going through this again for Hoskins, who for sure will leave because Boras clients super rarely resign with their old clubs if they have any decent market value.

    Would’ve loved having Arrenado here. He’d be way better than Harper. Phillies screwed themselves there, not with Machado.

  6. Yeah, I’m kinda getting the feeling that the Phillies drug their feet here and they’re about to lose Harper. They basically need to offer Harper 350 million over 10 years, opt-out clause after year 4. If you completely blow the other teams out of the water in terms of money, I don’t think Harper and Boras will dwell too much on whether the opt-out is after season 3 or season 4.

  7. At that point Dodgers would reduce their offer along with Giants. Force Boras to accept offer way below what he wanted.

  8. Is that Bryce can suck his own skinflute. Aqualung aint got sh!t on my man! Sign him for the party tricks ALONE

  9. Great set tonight at Archbishop Wood for me and the guys in the band “scrotum secretary.” Nearly got booed off the stage until a roadie stepped up and blew me onstage during my keyboard solo. Sprayed that guy like a fire hydrant. Crowd went wild. Totally saved the show. Just great stuff.

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