Anonymous Scout Describes Odubel Herrera as a “Clown” and a “F****** Dog” in Sports Illustrated Article

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Good morning!

Sports Illustrated published their Phillies’ 2019 preview today, and in the lengthy story is a section called “SCOUT’S TAKES,” where a ‘rival scout analyzes the Philadelphia Phillies heading into the 2019 MLB season.’

In that section is a passage that reads like this:

Name the guy (or guys) on this team you would never want in your clubhouse

Herrera. I’m an old-school guy who likes guys who run balls out and run off and on the field and are focused on playing the game the right way. He’s the antithesis of Brett Gardner. He’s like a clown. From what I understand, it was a controversial signing internally, because none of their baseball people could stomach him, but Matt Klentak liked him because he’s a likable goofball kid. So they ended up putting the cash in his pocket, and what they’ve gotten out of it is a f——- dog who’s hurt them more than helped them.

That’s, uh, pretty damning.

Here’s another passage later on in the story:

Whose effort could use a jolt? 


And this is also in there, after the jump:

Who gets the least out of his talent?

Herrera and Vince Velasquez. I saw Velasquez’s 16-strikeout game three years ago, you’re like, ‘this is Verlander-type stuff’ and you’re going, ‘holy s—, this guy’s going to be really good.’ But every year he’s pushing a 5.00 ERA. Some guys never figure out how to pitch. It’s not about how hard you throw every pitch, it’s where you throw it and sequencing them and being smart enough to make smart pitches. He’s just never developed in that area.

Seems like this anonymous scout does not like Odubel Herrera and is just sort of an asshole in general.


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37 Responses

  1. I respect the opinion of any professional in any field who uses the term, “balls out.”

    You know you’re dealing with a class act who has all his ducks in a row.

    Screw this scout.

  2. “Herrera. I’m an old-school guy… ”

    yeah, I didn’t read another word this guy said.

  3. Is he wrong? He is a clown that is prone to doing incredibly dumb things on the field-and he does dog it way too much. But he has huge talent, can carry a team when he’s hot and was not that expensive. Yeah, he needs to change some things but he’s a very talented guy that hopefully can be managed and improve on the mistakes.

  4. Yeah it’s hard to argue with any of that. Will put up decent numbers at times, so of course the progressive/analytics type woll carry his water. You don’t win with guys like that

    1. lmao ‘caring about advanced stats is progressive socialist’ is the exact kind of take I expect from the Ayn Randian dicklickers who read this site

  5. Quite frankly Mr. Baseball Scout, if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all! Jeez that really got my Irish up this morning! Breathe, Kate, breathe… Lol!

    – Kate

  6. Many scouts can come across as assholes as you put it. But they’re in the business of critiquing talent. From this person’s perspective, he’s just being brutally honest, which is what you want in a scout. You pay others to fluff up a player’s ego. A scout doesn’t get paid to do that.

    I don’t see how he’s that far off base on Herrera. He certainly has talent, but there are too many times where he hurts you in a game and in a season in the long run. And he’s not an above average center fielder like some people make him out to be. He himself has said he has a (major) problem with staying focused. And it shows.

  7. Kyle, please block all hate speech. People should not be able to say bad things about Sharia Law. It’s racist.

  8. Odubels a clown? VV has an arm but can’t pitch? This guys going out on a “water is wet” type limb here.

  9. Does anyone know what’s going on. Is he ever going to get off the toilet and get back to work.

  10. I really don’t see anything wrong with what he said. Just because he doesn’t like every player on the team, doesn’t make him an a$$hole. I’ve said similar things about both those players on this site, and while watching the games. Odubel is a clown and has huge brain farts during games. VV is an enigma. you wonder why he isn’t more successful with that arm talent. Now saying you can’t win with these guys may be a stretch and only those in the clubhouse can truly answer that, not someone from the outside

    1. Congrats. You found out that I am a Muslim. Deal with it.
      Take home EBITDA…lol!

  11. This “scout” is every 65 year old caller to WIP’s washed up old morning show. No “lunch pail” “Philly guy” shit. Those callers that bitch about work ethic are probably union jagaloons who never worked a real, full 8 hour day in their life.

  12. How is any of this news . I mean didn’t Schmitty basically in a different way pretty much bash him the same way a couple years ago. Play Ball!!!

  13. I forgot about you. I see you are still banging refresh and replying to your own childish posts.

    Sorry you have been hitting refresh for 3 straight days.

    Keep trying little guy.

    At least you have your take home ebitda.


  14. Over under on how many more days “take home EBITDA” is mentioned in the comments, 90

    1. He seems upset and angry. I bet he goes on for weeks. I will take the over. He is losing it.

      FYI – Not a fan of Odubel. Never have been. The scout is right.

  15. Crossing Broad’s South Philly knuckle dragging wop readership is probably more mad that the scout didn’t call him a racial slur.

  16. Harsh but not too far from the truth. Herrera,Franco,Hernandez have been around forever and the Phils did nothing but lose while they were here. I would have moved all 3 of them in the offseason. Moustakas 3B, Kingery 2B, Adam Jones CF added to the epic moves of the offseason and you are looking good.

  17. Well, you may run like Hayes, but you hit like shit. Every time I see you hit one in the air, you owe me twenty push-ups

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