Bad Bryce Harper Tweets and Takes

There are a lot of them out there. I don’t think any came from me though. Hopefully not.

Some folks believe that it’s better to have a bad take than no take at all, which I fundamentally disagree with. I’d prefer to have no take, which prevents you from ending up on the Freezing Cold Takes Twitter account with stuff like this:

Yeah? Turns out Randy Miller’s source was incorrect.

Now, I actually kind of like Will Cain. I think he’s good on First Take alongside Stephen A and Max Kellerman. But he’s a Dallas guy and needles Philadelphia when possible, which resulted in this rant:

“You’ve got callers like Mike..” 

Actually, that’s a fair point from Cain.

Kyle didn’t like Jack’s take, after the jump:

Bob wrote the other day about the 94 WIP caller who didn’t want Bryce Harper because he plays right field, which is where you stick the worst kid in little league:

Apparently Angelo was getting ready to organize the booing of the Phils this season, something similar to his Dirty 30 morons who booed the selection of Donovan McNabb back in 1999:

Angelo quickly changed his tune after the signing:

He also got this wrong while trying to pat himself on the back:

Angelo had previously said the Phillies and Harper were stuck over an opt-out, which was later reported not to be true by most of the top baseball writers.


“Phillies are in a staredown with agent Scott Boras over Bryce Harper’s demand for a three-year opt-out in the 10-year, $330-million deal. What do you say, Philadelphia? Should the Phillies say yes?”

So Angelo had the dollar amount right, but the contract length and opt-out were incorrect. Close, though.

Here’s Howard Eskin on Wednesday, thinking that Harper never wanted to play in Philadelphia:

Looks like WWE’s “Graves,” whoever the hell that is, ended up having to eat this comment:

I had to Google “Graves” to see what his deal is. Looks like he’s from Pittsburgh. He’s a disgusting yinzer.

Not surprisingly, the Crossing Broad comments section was filled with troll trash.

Stuff like this:

Checking in with Skip Bayless:

Skip is right. The Eagles don’t have Pro Bowlers Fletcher Cox or Lane Johnson. They don’t have Carson Wentz or Zach Ertz. They don’t have.. <checks Dallas roster> …Dak Prescott.

Andrew is right. Harper only has a career .900 OPS with 32 home runs and 91 RBI averaged annually.

Let’s go through those old Andy Martino tweets.. found one:

They convinced him.

I was also a fan of this story from FiveThirtyEight, titled “Bryce Harper May Already Be Past His Prime.”

Travis Sawchik:

The good news for the Phillies is that Harper should help them immediately. Based on 100 simulations run for FiveThirtyEight by Out of the Park Developments, Harper will improve the Phillies from an 80.2-win team in 2019 to an 86.1-win team, though the computer forecasts still had Philadelphia missing the postseason. Harper caps an aggressive offseason for the Phillies, who traded for catcher J.T. Realmuto and shortstop Jean Segura and added notable free agents Andrew McCutchen and David Robertson to a young core led by ace pitcher Aaron Nola and slugger Rhys Hoskins.

But what’s troubling for the Phillies, who are now committed to Harper through his age 38 season in 2031, is that there’s a good chance that Harper has already played his best baseball.

We’ll see.

There’s a treasure trove of trash out there. Get to deleting.


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  1. It is appalling that Angelo still has a job! There is zero creativity in his show. His guests are always the same guests. He and his cast are repetitive and monotinous in nature. I cannot stand Morganti’s lung hacking laugh nor Keith Jones terrible at attempt at humor! Oh, did I mention Angelo knows absolutely nothing about sports in general?

    1. I’ve actually been switching over to Farzetta’s morning show more and more now because I can’t stand the same stale, repetitive, wishy washy takes all the time. And I’m a diehard WIP fan.

      1. the 97.5 morning show always sucked.
        It sucked with gargano on there and it sucks now.

        1. LOL this comment could only come from Farzetta. I would tell you to go take your sh!t show and stitched up beak and go hang yourself, but that cheap skinny tie you wear would never hold

    2. Yet Angelo has had that show for over 25 years.
      What kind of idiot listens to a show they hate?
      fn moron.

  2. Skip Bayless never ceases to amaze. What a sad sack of shit. Has he been even remotely close to correct in anything he has said in his life? No wonder his family (including celebrity chef Rick Bayless) has ostracized him. Who the fuck wants him around at Thanksgiving, especially during the Cowboys game.

  3. I’ve been hard since I heard the news yesterday. Can’t wait to get drunk after work and me too some pigs

  4. Should have heard Wilbon and Kornheiser yesterday, they were not happy and ripped the Phillies and Harper, loved it.

  5. The moment Randy Miller tweeted something not in our favor I felt like we had a great shot. That guy is a bum and swings and misses all the time!

    1. I agree. This piece of sh!t tried to take my name, even came knocking on my dumpster behind Patrick’s in Croydon to get permission. I grabbed him by that effin’ mullet and skull f#cked him right quick, even finished with an angry dragon. Then I hit him with a right cross and left him for bridge peeps. Never saw him again.

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