Ben Simmons Didn’t Play Last Night, but Kendall Jenner Watched the Sixers Game Anyway

via Instagram

I tried telling you.

Kendall Jenner is one of us.

Even though her man wasn’t on the floor last night due to a stomach virus, Kenny decided to support the squad by watching the Sixers game while playing footsie or whatever the hell she’s doing in this Instagram story:

Yep. That’s the Sixers game in the background.

Kendall proved last night that she’s not just a fair weather fan. She’s not just interested in sitting court side at home games to watch her guy. She’ll also watch the Sixers get their ass kicked in road games when Ben isn’t even playing.

She is well on her way to becoming a true “four for four” Philadelphia sports fan. We may even see her at the Philadelphia Fusion’s new esports arena this summer.

h/t @AlexMasoorli

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18 Responses

  1. MAMA’S PROUD! Baby Kevy a buzz feed star writer.


  2. Just when you think the Crossing Broad gang couldn’t get any lazier, Kev hits us with this gem.

  3. Really looks like she’s into the game. Paying rapt attention to the TV across the room behind being partially reflected in the mirror.

    You sold us. She’s going to give up the high life of Southern California, for 27 degree, grey, cloudy days to follow a slightly better than average team with zero likability so she can be surrounded court-side by cheese-mouthed South Philly drunks or scumbag Center City attorneys or investment strategists with local escort services saved on their contact lists.

    1. True. That’s when I realized she was gone in love with Ben, she gave up a lot of sunshine and paparazzi to come to Philly (nobody moves to Philly, come for business and then quickly get out) and setup up a second home with Ben, she Lebron and Magic likely have a secret project, code named “Operation Bring Home our Boy”.
      But she’s playing the long game, shiver now and bikini life later with Ben.

    2. Don’t forget the midget B list local celebrities and convicted felon rappers and 1 fully blown alcoholic ex player that doesn’t have a dime to his name all sitting courtside

      1. I think all of our fans are wonderful. The courtside fans are really great fans and love to root our Sixers to victory.

    3. Philadelphia is not remarkable, every city has its people like this. In LA you just have sleazy plastic surgeons, heroin addicts trying to sell a screen play, and undocumented Chulos, all who will be sitting court side now that LA stopped caring about the Lakers
      Left field bleachers in Dodgers stadium is probably the least safe place to watch professional sports in all of North America, you have a fair chance of being stabbed for wearing the wrong color
      Everything is relative

  4. That is cool when your girl goes all biblical Ruth on you (thy people, my people), she ‘s really in love with this guy, she’s in the deep end of the pool.
    Question is, does she expect him to return the favor and watch the Kardashian TV show (KUWTK)???? ……..That would be torture!

  5. Dumb column but as usual dumber comments. This is a team built with tremendous flaws, and worse for next years. But hey, we have Kendall and Meek Mill as redident celebrities.

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