Brandon Graham Returns to Eagles on Three-Year Extension

Photo Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Brandon Graham:

No word yet on the dollar amounts, but for context BG earned $26,000,000 in his most recent contract, which was a four-year deal signed back in 2015. He hit the cap last season at $8 million and intimated a while back that he might agree to a hometown discount to remain in Philadelphia.

Graham’s return solidifies the defensive end position, with Derek Barnett returning from injury this summer. Next up for the Eagles is a decision on Tim Jernigan, who earns $13 million this year unless his contract is restructured. Personally, I would still use the 25th overall draft pick on a defensive lineman, since this is a deep d-line draft, and give Fletcher Cox and the rest of the unit some more rotational help.

From Eagles PR guy John Gonoude: 

Brandon Graham owns the 7th-most sacks (42.5) in franchise history and leads the team with 61 tackles for loss and 12 forced fumbles since 2014.

I’ll throw this one in there:

BG also forced the fumble that won the Eagles their first Super Bowl ever.

He turns 31 in April, so this contract will carry him likely to the end of his career. He’ll wrap it up as a Bird.

Edit: dollar amounts –

Hmm, gotta see what the guaranteed dollars look like. Something in the $13 million range would make him one of the five highest paid Eagles, up there with Lane Johnson, Alshon Jeffery, Jason Peters, and Zach Ertz. With Carson Wentz getting his inevitable deal sooner rather than later, things might look a little tight at the top.

Still, when you look at the NFL’s highest-paid 4-3 edge rushers, there are something like 10 guys making more money than $13 million AAV. It would have been interesting to see what Graham garnered in the free agent market.


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  1. YESSSSSS!!!!! Eagles are turning into the Phillies after their title! Clinging onto players past their primes

  2. All this Harper stuff is really interfering with me talking about my new house

  3. Remember when Nick Foles led this team to a SuperBowl win last year while our young QB was on the mend? Remember when Nick Foles led this team to an improbable playoff run last season while our still young QB was on the mend? Remember when we go 8-8 next year when our not so young QB is on the mend again?

    1. Basically everyone who has had the kind of injury Wentz had says it takes at least 18 months to trust your knee again. Am I concerned about his durability? Sure. Am I worried? No. Besides we got Nate”129 passer rating” Sudfeld waiting in the wings.

      Honest question, would you have kept Foles? Dealt Wentz? Just curious how you would have GM’d this better than Howie…

      1. I 100% would have kept Foles and traded Carson. This teams championship window is what, 2 years? Negotiate a decent contract for Nick and trade Carson for 1st round talent that can step in right away and help win another championship. I don’t hate Carson, just shitposting, and I hope im wrong…if Carson comes back healthy and takes us back to the SB next year I will gladly eat crow. But to me Nick Foles at a decent price and multiple top tier draft pick gives us a better chance at a superbowl than the unknown of a young QB who cant seem to stay on the field.

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