Bryce Harper is Recruiting Le’Veon Bell to Philly

Photo Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Holy shit lol.

This is from Le’Veon Bell’s Instagram story:

Sign him up. Bring them all here.

Let’s get Antonio Brown while we’re at it. And Mike Trout. And we’ll go out and get Messi and Ronaldo and Nikita Kucherov as well.




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  1. Too bad there’s a thing called a salary cap in the NFL which the Eagles are drastically over and have 13 free agents of their own to worry about.

  2. After letting Jernigan and Agilhor go that’s 22 mil under the cap. And probably Jason Peter’s and Kelce are a huge hit who plan to retire. Howy the Money Houdini will make it work.

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