Bryce Harper Lives!

While sitting at church this morning, I contemplated the fates of our Philly teams as of late: Nick Foles is officially gone; the Flyers have been all-but-officially eliminated from postseason contention; within a six-hour period this afternoon/evening the Sixers could fall to 0-2 against the Bucks and the Union could drop to 0-3 on the season when they take on the defending-MLS champion Atlanta United; oh yeah, Bryce Harper nearly had his foot/ankle shattered by some punk… The bright green of the Phanatic and orange of Gritty had faded to dull grey and sepia tones… Everything appeared to have been lost.

Well, hear ye, hear ye! On this Second Sunday of Lent, our [Phillies] savior is risen! Perhaps it’s the luck of the Irish, but here we are.


The height of the jumps, the fluidity of his motion. It’s unprecedented. Anyway, he worked a solid first at-bat and… struck out looking. There’s still time.


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  1. Still have Villanova. The best team in the city alive and well with the best Philadelphia coach of all time Jay Wright.

    Go Cats Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I always had at least one hit by this time during spring training and I was a huge free agent signing with the Phillies back in 1997. And I shot thick, creamy ropes to boot!

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