Jamie Lynch, aka “The Bro” over at 97.5 the Fanatic, tweeted an excerpt this morning that included a Bryce Harper spray chart transposed onto a Citizens Bank Park graphic.

I have no idea where it comes from, or who wrote the paragraphs before and after, but here’s the image for your viewing pleasure:

So.. uh, if he were a Phillie last year, he would have hit 26 or 27 home runs instead of 17. That’s something else.

ESPN, for further context, keeps a “park factor” statistic that measures how teams perform in various stadiums.

In 2018, CBP had the fourth-best home run PF in Major League Baseball. Citizens Bank Park is shorter in the corners than Nationals Park by several feet, with different wall heights, as you can see after the jump:



(photos courtesy of Swish Analytics)

Again, I don’t know where the first passage and graphic come from. I am “efforting” that information as we speak, but if you recognize it, let me know. And if you’re going to make a stupid “copy and paste” comment below, don’t. Keep my name out of your mouth.

Edit: The originally story and graphic come from longtime NBC Sports Philadelphia producer Dan Roche, who I think produces the Mike Missanelli simulcast these days. Could be wrong.

See link below:

“How many homers would Bryce Harper hit at Citizens Bank Park? Let’s take a look”

(h/t @jasoninquires)