Bryce Harper’s Jersey Launch Shatters Sales Records


I was kidding around with a friend yesterday when I said that 43,000 people may walk through the gates at Citizens Bank Park later this month wearing No. 3 Bryce Harper jerseys. Maybe that suggestion isn’t quite as far-fetched as I originally thought. According to Fanatics, Harper’s jersey has sold at an unprecedented rate:

Overall, Phillies team merchandise sales are up 5000% from a year ago, according to Fanatics founder Michael Rubin. Turns out that people weren’t crashing Fanatics for Carlos Santana jerseys.

The Phillies merchandise market isn’t the only one booming right now. Tickets for Opening Day on March 28 are sold out, while general admission tickets on popular secondary market websites are going for at least $100. Tough break for the “nobody cares about baseball, it’s a dying sport” people out there.

Remember, you can load up on all of your Bryce Harper Phillies Jerseys and team gear at Fanatics right here.

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5 Responses

  1. a kid’s youth small jersey on some big titty blonde in jean shorts walking around CBP in June is sexy, but when some big sweaty oaf is who looks like he hasn’t washed his ass in a month is walking around with some dude’s name on the back of his shirt it makes me want to throw up. Unfortunately the sweaty oafs outnumber the hot girls around 20 to 1……50 to 1 in delco

  2. Listen!!!! Yuh, yo, listen to what I tell you. Yuh, yo, listen to what I am about to say. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Its obvious Bryce Harper doesnt sign with Philly if he wasn’t confident Mike Trout would be joining him here in a couple years. Yo Bryce Harper didnt come her to play with Hernandez,Herrera, Altherr. Trout was the reason Harper signed in Philly.

  3. Am i crazy? Or should we be suspicious of this isis bride trying to come back to the US?

    1. Sorry, she is an American. She has the right to return home. Stop being the typical racist republican.

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