DeSean Jackson Excited to Return to Philly and “End it on a Good Note”

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DeSean Jackson was 15 minutes late to his re-introductory press conference.

Welcome back, DeSean!

But it was a good presser, more than 17 minutes long. Good questions, good answers, and some interesting nuggets here and there.

Notes and quotes:

  • Opening statement: blessing and a great opportunity, thankful to everyone in the Eagles front office for bringing him back.
  • On how this deal went down, Jackson says he woke up on Monday and got a phone call from his agent, looked up on the TV, and saw he was being traded back to the Eagles.

On how he’s maintained his speed after all these years:

“Honestly, I credit that to hard work and the people I keep around me. I’ve built a team of guys and men that dedicated their lives to me since I was a young kid, five individuals that when I was 12, 8 years old, I could just remember them calling me, saying ‘get up, instead of hanging out with your friends we’re gonna go to this park, we’re gonna train.’ I was able to keep that regimen, still to this day. People would always give me a hard time, like ‘you never lift weights’. I would lift enough, but instead of lifting weights I’m standing on the track field.”

More after the jump:

  • The biggest difference now vs. his first run with the Eagles? DeSean says he’s older and wiser, has a family and kids, more mature in 2019, more accountable.
  • There were “no hard feelings” when Chip Kelly moved on from him the first time.
  • The walk-off punt return against the Giants goes down as one of the best plays of his career. “That punt return is very special. I remember it like it was yesterday.”
  • It was “tough” moving on to the Redskins. “It was kind of personal, but at the end of the day you live and learn, I had a great five years and want to come back here and end it on a good note.” 
  • He has yet to talk to the coaching staff about his role. (Spoiler: it’s to stretch the field. Alshon is the WR1 and they are absolutely loaded in the passing game). “There’s not really much they need,” says DeSean.
  • He talked to Carson Wentz on Wednesday, says he can throw the deep ball, very smart, very agile.
  • On Doug Pederson: “Doug, that’s my guy. My first couple years here he was the QB coach. I’ve got a great relationship with him.” 
  • Philly fans are like no other and he missed being around them.
  • He always had a great relationship with Howie Roseman, always had interactions with him and Jeffrey Lurie when he would see those guys after being released by Chip Kelly.
  • DeSean was asked about the quarterback turnover he’s experienced in his career – “I know the upside Carson has, he has a great career ahead of him and he’s a young guy.”

On his maturation and taking care of his body:

DeSean also confirmed that he got his #10 back from Mack Hollins.

Here’s the full video:

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10 Responses

  1. “12, 8 years old” hahaha man I love listening to a dumb bullcrapper talk. Glad he got #10 back because thats exactly what his IQ is

    1. This clown actually thinks they’re going to retire his number 10 one day. He’s going to make a lot of great plays running down field as Wentz dumps the ball off to the tight end or every now and again the slot receiver.

      Jaccson won’t be here to see the end of his deal.

      Related note: this team is about to implode.

  2. Wonder if he will hit a tit bar up or come in chickie and Pete’s for some crab fries and cheese

    1. Yes. That’s why he was let go. Well, that and he was an awful teammate that pouted when things didn’t go his way, took plays off. Actually took an entire season off because he was upset about his contract. Was shut down easily when facing decent secondaries. Made stupid plays routinely. Etc. Etc.

      No wonder everyone is pumped he’s back.

      The gang thing was an Elliott Shores-Park fabrication. Frankly the dude should have been fired for that.

  3. I have never seen anyone in more dire need of a BJ and a nap than Carson Wentz’s Gimpy whatever. That includes our mushroom dicked President. They make meds for depression and irrational anger, you should look into them.

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