DeSean Jackson Rings Bell Before Sixers Game


Hello, friends! I hope you’re enjoying this positively resplendent weather bestowed upon us by Mother Nature this Friday evening. I’m currently sitting on my deck while enjoying many an adult beverage.

It’s truly glorious.

Anyway, I break from my evening to share this *very important* story. Old/New Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson rang the bell prior to tonight’s Sixers game against the Kings:

All the feels. All of them. Enjoy the rest of your night, and go Sixers! Ideally, by 11 or more points.

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18 Responses

  1. Beyond sickening having this punk defile our bell.
    Wait, didn’t Meek Mills do it to? This team is disgusting.

      1. I prefer some soothing Hebrew music to this garbage. Turning over now while Stalin takes top in the flames.

  2. Does noted rapper Butch from manayunk have a criminal past? Maybe he can ring the bell and have a weekend designated for him.

  3. Amazing show, just started at 9am Saturday. I can’t believe how great this show is. This is what sports radio is all about. I hope Dei eventually replaces Mikey Miss in the 2-6pm slot.

    1. Just Go down the dial and you can hear R Diddy + Prof rehash the last 2 weeks worth of philly sports talk focus, nfl free agency and 2nd + 3rd string Eagle RB + Linebacker options.

      Its 3 months before training camp opens. What other city has 2 radio stations talking 24/7 about bench players for their football team? And whatever the 1 station talks about the other must follow in their foot steps.

    2. I actually think she’s pretty decent, especially for a woman. I’ll take her over most of the eyetalians and joos the two stations run out there day in and day out.

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