Giants Fan Punches his Odell Beckham Jersey

via Twitter

Let’s see how Giants fans are receiving news of the OBJ trade.

This guy is out of control:

I had another clip with a guy burning his jersey, but it was either deleted or his account was suspended. What a coward. The only remaining evidence is the header image above.

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8 Responses

  1. Now Zit Neck alcoholic Wentz just has to beat the Cowboys once to win the NFC East. Doesn’t get much easier.

  2. Unpopular take – smart move by the Giants getting rid of Odell. Building a culture of accountability with leaders in the locker room, not theatrics. Fools gold for the Browns.

    1. first thing youve ever said i actually agree with…

      Browns have players this year, but will be a dumpster fire….

    2. Yeah, they need that culture of accountability back. Maybe they can bring in Plaxico Burress or Jeremy Shockey as advisors to set the bar for those young bucks.

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