Golden Tate is a New York Giant

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We never liked him anyway!

Actually, I take it back. Golden Tate did some nice things here. The touchdown grab against the Bears will go down in Eagles history. I don’t harbor any ill will against him, I think I was more annoyed by the fact that the Eagles used a third round pick to trade for a slot receiver when they already had two slot receivers on the roster (Nelson Agholor and Jordan Matthews).

That’s also a good chunk of money for Golden Tate, who turns 31 in August, but I think he’ll do pretty well there, assuming Eli Manning dinks and dunks 3 yard crapola to him on the reg.

More importantly, this move helps the Eagles snag a compensatory pick as well, which I think would project to a fourth rounder. I’m not sure if the Giants are rebuilding or trying to win now, because this is a move that seems a little strange after committing to Eli but trading away Odell Beckham Jr.


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17 Responses

  1. Would been nice drafting a rb with that pick Howie gave away for loser Tate

    – crab fries and cheese

    1. Why is it that Philly fans can rip the Dallas Cowboys ‘ fans for living in the past and constantly bringing up their past Super Bowl wins when you Philly fans are the doing the exact same thing with your teams super bowl, from 2 seasons ago?

    2. Why would you hate on a guy traded here who they didn’t attempt to resign? How is that his fault? Embarrassing old Philadelphia negativity.

      Good for him. TD at Bears was all time.

  2. Eagles staff handled his first few wks here piss poor.
    They signed him the Monday after playing the last game going in to the bye wk.
    2 full wks to get him adjusted.
    The results were horrible.
    And he was ballin in Detroit.
    I have no problem with Tate, just the way they implimented him

  3. That TD grab against the Bears will “go down in Eagles history”? i think it’s much more likely to become an afterthought from a let down season. He was kind of a bust.

    1. Exactly. No one will give a shit about that touchdown. No one will give a shit about that game other than, “hey remember that playoff game the Eagles were lucky to win when the Bears kicker hit the goal posts twice? Wentz was okay that game…he was the QB right?”

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