Howie Roseman Reportedly Doing More Salary Cap Wizard Stuff

Lord of the Rings

Friday morning news from ESPN NFL guy Field Yates:

Maybe they could use that cap space to sign or trade for…. a running back!

But wait –

There’s more, and it involves Chris Long, who is maybe coming back? Or not? After the jump, here’s Yates’ response to NJ.Com’s Mike Kaye, asking if that news confirms a Long return:

And Long himself jumped in:

So while we don’t know what’s going on with Chris Long, Bradham’s contract was set to count $9 million against the cap this year, with $8 million guaranteed and a $1 million bonus. Long was going to hit at $5.6 million with $3.5m guaranteed and the $2 million roster bonus Yates mentioned above. There are three voidable contract years, including this one. 

Standing by for more news.


11 Responses

    1. I seen Sean Brace busing table as Olive Garden the other night.
      I guess posting videos on you tube on twitter doesn’t pay that well.

  1. Howie is always creative with the cap. That’s why they shit money to spend on anyone this offseason and his setting it up to have no money to spend next season. Go Howie!

  2. Chris Long is a washed up has been, who’s taking up precious cap space therefore, I recommend the Eagles cut the bum and move on.


    1. Hahahah The Dodgers will never win the WS with that celebrity magic johnson running the team.
      good luck with that asswipe.

  3. So….are we clearing space to bring back Tra Thomas or The Axeman? We haven’t handed out enough money to guys closer to collecting social security than their draft day for my liking.

  4. Jason Peters, Chris Long, Jason Kelce, etc returning? Ridiculous!
    Please stop the (((Howie))) is good with $, that is quite hurtful.

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