Is Evgeni Malkin a “F****** Nerd?”

via NBC

Travis Konecny says what all of us are thinking. Evgeni Malkin is a nerd.

NBC ran a one-hour special called “Wired: Stadium Series,” which features clips from mic’d up players in the recent outdoor game.

TK had some excellent lines:

I also appreciated Konecny referring to Patric Hornqvist as a “useless fuck.”

All of this is great. I need more of it.

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3 Responses

  1. No news on Kyle Scott Laskowski hiring a new 40K Slave?
    Actually, thats maybe 37K after having to pay your own health care.
    These are 1980’s slave wages.

    How much does he owe on those *2* houses?
    The taxes in Perkasea have to be killing him unless he’s pulling some kind of
    ‘work at home’ tax scam.

  2. Maybe Konecny needs to put up Malkin numbers before he runs his mouth. Will take Malkin over Konecny any time. Malkin’s a hall of famer. Konecny is a third-liner at best who can’t seem to take his game to the next level. Was it Hakstol’s fault?

  3. Said “useless fuck” has two Stanley Cups, and the “fucking nerd” has three, along with a Conn Smythe. (Among other awards) How many does Konecny have?
    Not to mention, when was the last time the local Philadelphia news published a photo of a Flyers Stanley Cup victory? That wasn’t in black and white, that is.

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