Jake Voracek Suspended Two Games Because the NHL Makes No Sense

Photo credit: © Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers’ playoff bus just got a flat and the nail that punctured the tire’s name is George Parros.

Flyers forward Jake Voracek was suspended two games by the NHL after the league’s Player Safety Committee reviewed an interference call that occurred in Saturday’s 5-2 drubbing of the New York Islanders. Of course, Islanders fans cried foul, claiming Voracek targeted the head of defenseman Johnny Boychuk, while Flyers fans argued Voracek was merely bracing for impact.

It’s a critical loss for a team that finds itself five points out of the final wild card spot with fourteen games to play. Voracek and Nolan Patrick both made it back into the lineup for Saturday’s game, combining for a goal and two assists. Losing one of the team’s alternate captains – he’s posted seven points (1 goal/6 assists) since that announcement – of late isn’t ideal. That said, the team should be able to overcome his absence tonight against the Ottawa Senators. Thursday’s game against the Washington Capitals is a different story.

A video of the NHL’s explanation of what warranted the two-game suspension after the jump:

Head coach Scott Gordon ripped the league’s decision and compared it to a hit on Nolan Patrick that earned New Jersey Devils’ forward Kurtis Gabriel just a one-game suspension, claiming the latter was more severe.

Your thoughts? We report, you decide.

Side note:

Head coach Scott Gordon confirmed this morning that Brian Elliott will start tonight’s game against the Ottawa Senators with wunderkind Carter Hart healthy enough to serve as his backup.


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  1. It is kinda like the original Nintendo game “Blades of Steel”…

    If you WON the fight THEY went to the penalty box.

    I say we implement this rule.

  2. Can’t wait for the big CB announcent regarding next Thursday’s Event!! Will I get to meet Russ or will you be at your teaching job??

    Any updates on the low paid marketing position? Was hoping Kinker would apply. I know he needs the dough.

  3. If you’re wearing Flyers orange, you’re supposed to let yourself get boarded, obviously. Interference penalty… ok. The puck was coming but not immediately in reach so while ticky-tack I will accept it. 5 minute major? Overkill but we were up 5-1 at that point so, whatever. League Review? Preposterous. Actual suspension that is more than what fuckface Malkin got for trying to remove Raffl’s head? Unfuckingbelievable. NHL DoPS you suck

  4. George Parros should be running a diner. Russ you should be teaching in some village in Mexico. Ant San should be the only Flyers writer on this fine media outlet.

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