I hate this move, but I guess they didn’t have much of a choice:

Ian Rapoport reports the deal is worth “a max of $10 million,” citing Elite Loyalty Sports, which represents Peters. The deal reportedly guarantees $5.5 million, and Peters was originally set to count $13 million against the cap this year, so at least they got that number down.

I’m with Russ on this one. Peters is 37 years old and coming off a season in which he played every single game but could only stay on the field for 79% of the snaps. He played 73% of the snaps in the Saints playoff game after making it through the entirety of the Bears win. Maybe he’ll be better now a full season removed from the ACL tear. I dunno.

Thing is, the Eagles sort of had to do this deal, because they don’t have a guaranteed replacement on the roster as of March, 2019. The fact that Peters is coming back is more of a indictment on the Birds’ failure to develop a left tackle of the future, be that Big V, Jordan Mailata, or even moving Lane Johnson to the left and finding another RT instead.

Best case scenario, one of the aforementioned guys has a brilliant camp and wins the job, or they draft a LT who can take over sooner rather than later. But without any kind of sure bet on that side, you can do worse than bringing back the aging nine-time Pro Bowler for a final season.

This is it though, for real. If Peters is coming back, then Sproles has to go. You gotta move on from these old dudes and let them ride out into the sunset, or in Peters case, the Hall of Fame.

Thanks for everything JP, but we gotta move this thing forward.