Malik Jackson Says Joining the Eagles was an “Easy Decision”

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Happy new NFL calendar year.

The Eagles kicked things off by introducing defensive tackle Malik Jackson to the media this afternoon.

Jackson comes to Philly on a reported three year deal worth $30 million total and will slide in next to Fletcher Cox as a replacement for Tim Jernigan and Haloti Ngata.

Some notes and quotes from the Pro Bowler’s press conference:

  • He started by thanking the Eagles for bringing him to Philadelphia, very excited to get started.
  • He was wearing his high school letterman jacket (Birmingham H.S. in the Los Angeles area).
  • He described the offseason period as “nerve wracking,” but once the Eagles called he felt like he had another chance to get out and prove himself. “It was an easy decision.”
  • It was more challenging trying to prove his offseason value to other teams due to his benching in Jacksonville.

Jackson on why he was benched:

“You’d have to ask the coaches man. They said I wasn’t playing the run too good, that’s all I really heard. But if you’re asking me, coming off the Pro Bowl year, the year before, I don’t think that’s a valid excuse. But like I said, I’m not the coach. I just play.

I think I played good against the run, to be honest with you. But like I said, I just play. It’s up to them to make the decisions and it just is what it is.”

More after the jump:

  • He pointed out that he’s coming into a team that already has established leaders. He expects Fletcher Cox to be double teamed and hopes he can pick up the slack from that. “Hell, I don’t think there’s a better d-line in the league.”
  • It was also pointed out that the Eagles play free defensively, people playing “gritty” and “smacking you in the face.”
  • He believes that Jim Schwartz expects and demands excellence.
  • Jackson is looking forward to having some weight off his shoulders and letting other people lead, just wants to help out where he can.
  • Former teammate Von Miller really shaped him as a player, as did Calais Campbell.
  • His main goal for the season is to get back to where he can be, described 2018 as a disappointing year for him. “That Pro Bowl wasn’t a hiccup or whatever you want to call it, that’s who I am.”
  • I was not happy at all,” he said of his benching, but tried to take it in stride and continue to work hard.
  • He’s healthy and pointed out he’s never had a serious injury.
  • The Jags had high expectations last year, but they navigated a lot of injuries and their depth was decimated early on.

Full video here:

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5 Responses

  1. Next to Jason Peters because of all the dirty laundry due to JP’s excessive caffeine intake. Hopefully this year with the reported “coffee clause” he won’t be having locker room episodes or coming out of games to alleviate his bowels in the injury tent.

  2. anything on Darby? hear he’s meeting with the Chiefs. what’s your take?

    i realize you can’t sit down long to write up a thorough piece since you got your sh!it pushed in last night. maybe a few hot takes? what’s kyl3’s betting record?

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