Meek Mill and Michael Rubin Will be on HBO’s “Real Sports”

Photo Credit: HBO

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REAL SPORTS with Bryant Gumbel Returns Tonight,

Tuesday, March 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO

Born to Sell. 

College-dropout turned sports mogul Michael Rubin has built an empire through entrepreneurship. From selling skis out of his parents’ basement at the age of 12 to starting the sports apparel juggernaut Fanatics and becoming one of the youngest billionaires in the United States, the Philadelphia native has morphed into one of the prominent figures in the world of sports. Now, the co-owner of his hometown 76ers and the New Jersey Devils is focusing his energies on a cause that transcends the sporting landscape: criminal justice reform. Spurred by the incarceration of his friend, musician and activist Meek Mill, in 2017, Rubin has brought together leaders from sports, entertainment and business to launch REFORM, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundamentally changing state probation and parole laws around the country. Correspondent David Scott talks to Rubin, who discusses his career, friendship with Mill and social activism.

Van Jones, Jay-Z, and Bob Kraft are also involved with REFORM. 

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33 Responses

  1. Just locked up 2 huge jobs for this summer. Looks like 2019 will be a record year. 400k EBITDA! So awesome baby! And with hardly any debt at all!!! Lol!

  2. Editing my lie:

    I don’t have any debt. I make a lot as a plumber that sits on Crossing Broad all day seeking revenge. Keep in mind that is all “take home” ebitda.

  3. what is wrong with you kinker with YOUR hero worship for a convicted felon Meek Mill?
    Don’t you ever get tired of muling for Kyle at CB when he’s paying shitty low 40K pay?
    You’re setting a bad example for kids worshipping convicted felons……
    What’s next Cosmo Dinardo fake tshirts?

      1. While he may be a loser, keep in mind all of the site visits he has provided. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most people come here for the comments. If you don’t think that is true, ask Kyle about when he removed the comment section a few years ago and his site visits went down to nothing. Needless to say, within a week, the comments were back up. And if you still don’t think it’s true, ask him to do it again and see what happens. While I know it must be frustrating to be bashed on all day in the comments, the saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” comes to mind.

        1. if we shut down the comments section we lose you and maybe 6-7 other trolls

          that’s about it. y’all aren’t feeding me anything except racist and homophobic comments that I have to monitor daily

          1. Go ahead and do it then tough guy. Kylie thought the same thing years ago and couldn’t get the comment section back fast enough after about a week. Ever notice how no one talks about the “article” in the comments section. I hate to break it to you, but if you think anyone comes here to read the slop you copy and paste or for betting advice, you’re as dumb as you are ugly.

            1. It’s not my call, but if it was, I would have banned mouth breathers like yourself months ago.

              Here’s the deal:

              A lot of people come here, read the stories, then don’t look at the comments. Why? Because this section is filled with nothing but twats like yourself, doing childish, anonymous, racist, and homophobic shit talking. Those people don’t comment on the articles because it’s not worth wading into the bullshit that people like you continually spam us with. That’s actually the #1 complaint I get about Crossing Broad, that knobs like you are a huge turnoff for the casual reader.

              Furthermore, our statistics show absolutely zero correlation between the number of comments on a story and how many pageviews that story gets, or how long people spend reading it. There’s absolutely zero connection. So unfortunately for cockroaches like you, who think the comments section still draws people to this website, the numbers prove that pitiful troll narrative to be 100% false.

              In conclusion, you are exactly what everybody thinks you are, which is a useless shit stain who provides nothing of value to me, Kyle, this website, or anybody with half a brain.


          2. “expert”….and I thought your sports takes were pitiful enough…this is outright laughable

            If it was only 6-7 people you’d be losing, then surely you would have gotten rid of comments long ago, as it can’t be worth all of that “hard work” monitoring for violations daily for just a handful of people.

            Please by all means, eliminate comments and we’ll see how quickly your do-nothing boss cuts your paycheck!

            Actions speak louder than words, “expert”.

              1. seriously, this is all you do. You’re gonna wake up one day, look in the mirror, and say, “man.. what is wrong with me? I’m a loser piece of shit”

                and then you’ll get on with your life

  4. Meek Mill, convicted felon who couldn’t do the time.

    Perfect hero for the Sixers and Eagles collective fanbase.

  5. Van Jones, the guy who said from jump the Russia collusion story was a “nothing burger” that the liberals were desperately trying to wish into reality.

  6. “Expert”, this “article” has even less purpose than a soccer post.

    And you wonder why people ask about things like the lack of spring training posts.

  7. Seen his story on TV a dozen times. The ski shop story. When I was his age my parents gave me $5 or $10 allowance. Nobody ever staked me the money to buy inventory from a ski shop.

    1. “A small loan of a million dollars” these rich fucks all want you to believe they “started from the bottom”

    1. Confused myself again. I keep posting so much and responding to myself I am losing track.

      Remember – that is ‘take home’ ebidta.

  8. Does anyone know what time this will air? It’s probably going to be past my bedtime. I love a good 8 hours of sleep!

    – Kate

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