Mike Trout Plays It Cool, But Jim Bowden Says He’s Eventually Coming to Philly


South Jersey product and noted Philly sports fan Mike Trout, who also happens to be the greatest baseball player on the planet, was asked about Bryce Harper’s free agency process and had this to say:

The rundown:

Trout is happy for Harper, Philly will love him if he plays hard, and some “aw shucks” stuff about his own impending free agency after the 2020 season. 

Perhaps more of note is this:

That, friends, is a guy that wants to leave his options open. A guy who could be easily sold, particularly by someone who is ready to sell:

While I swore to myself yesterday that I would take a break from obsessing over what could be for at least a day or two, that’s just not going to happen. Not after this spicy little buffalo nugget from Jim Bowden, which you can listen to after the jump.

I dare you not to soil yourself.

Harper. Trout. LeVeon Bell. Bring me all of them. What are these feelings that I feel? Is this…could it be…happiness?


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  1. Saw pics on Kinker’s twitter yesterday of him in shorts playing soccer. Yikes! Guess there is something to then whole “tiny feet, tiny package” thing. Kyle and Kinker look about as well hung as a Ken Doll. Are all CB bloggers poorly hung? I gotta think Ant San has beer can girth but after seeing Kink’s pics I’m no longer sure.

    1. Don’t insult me. I’ve seen what the Kinker packs, and let’s just say I only need to pull out enough to win…

  2. Cuz was going absolutely nuts today . Cuz has the finger on the pulse of the city . Love the cuz!!

  3. No one suggested Harper’s Ho’s. A collection of college girls from Gwynedd Mercy.

  4. Went from the hottest ticket in town too the coldest ticket in town.

  5. God I hope Mikey comes home. I miss him. Wild n crazy guy! I remember when he s h i t in the sandbox at our local playground, my goodness we had a laugh the next day watching the kids wrestle with cigar. Dude has a natural ability to produce manly logs.

    1. Big ups to my homeboy down at Mitchel and Ness for hookin a brutha up wit dat new fitted. My gears fresh. I’ll be sitting wit my feet on da floor at da Warriors game. Prolly be rockin my throwback Iverson Jersey from Mitchel and Ness! One!

  6. Wow, what a shock NBC 10 had only camera on ground at Clearwater airport for Bryce's arrival says:

    And guess which network is paying the Phils $2.5 billion over 25 years to carry their games. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with an N and ends with a C.

  7. It wasn’t enough to have your 300 fake news rumours every freakin day…
    now we have to have them 2 years ahead of time?

    BREAKING NEWS……………….
    Walter Cronkite says Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle are enroute to Philadelphia
    to sign multi year contracts….Phillies expected to win the next 4 world series………

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