NHL Players Love Gritty

The Flyers disappointed last night, but Gritty never disappoints.

Gritty, still in his rookie year as a professional sports mascot, was named the National Hockey League’s best mascot in a players poll:

This was a no-brainer, as far as I’m concerned. Surely you wouldn’t vote for that dumbass Penguin, Iceburgh, would you? Sidney Crosby probably did, that sleaze ball.

Congratulations to Gritty, from all of us here at Crossing Broad.



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6 Responses

  1. Is there a worse mascot than Franklin in all of the 4 major sports.

  2. Other than Dr. Wuhl, will anyone be at the party tomorrow?

    Even a $50 bribe to get people in the door didn’t do the trick, huh?

  3. I was so wrong about gritty. I was horrified and didn’t want it anywhere near children. Too damn old and stuck in my ways. But not anymore!

  4. You losers only like Gritty cause he’s somewhat of a distraction from a crappy hockey team who will again not make the playoffs…AND will AGAIN raise ticket prices for next season

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