Philadelphia Will be Home to North America’s First VIDEO GAMING Arena

Photo Credit: Comcast Spectacor

Turns out that “ESPORTS ARE THE FUTURE” guy in the comments section knew what he was talking about.

Comcast-Spectacor, which owns the Flyers, Wings, and Fusion, is building the United States’ very first esports arena in South Philadelphia, where Carpe and his boys will one day become “world fucking champions” in the Overwatch League.

From NBC 10:

The 3,500-seat, $50 million Fusion Arena will play host to local professional team Philadelphia Fusion — already owned by Comcast Spectacor.

“This will be the first ground-up [esports] facility in the western hemisphere,” Spectacor Chief Business Officer Joe Marsh said.

The 60,000 square-foot arena, slated to open in 2021, also will feature a training facility and represents another revenue stream in the ever-expanding competitive gaming ecosystem.

Groundbreaking on the 47-acre site is set for this summer, and here’s where the arena will go, after the jump:

Can’t wait to add more traffic to an already stuffed parking lot!

My first reaction to this was total despair, since I did the Union beat for eight seasons and now I’m realizing that the video game team is going to have a Philadelphia stadium while the soccer team remains stuck in Chester. The video game team has a great owner and is getting a brand new arena, while the Union have a terrible owner and a terrible arena location.


Also, can you imagine what it’s gonna be like when the Fusion crowd and Phillies crowd converge on the sports complex at the same time? It’ll be a bunch of grown men with calf tattoos wearing Chase Utley shirseys, crossing paths with a bunch of grown men who are dressed up as Dragonball Z characters, or whatever people cosplay as in 2019.

But on a serious note, esports is the real deal. You see the huge crowds that come out to these events. The Fusion basically filled Xfinity Live for the season opener watch party a few weeks back. I know a lot of folks who are in their twenties or their early thirties who watch Overwatch League in addition to the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, and Sixers. So whatever man, it is what it is. If people can get down with all of that at the same time, I say we welcome them in as “five for five” Philadelphia sports fans.

I’m gonna swallow my pride and throw my support behind the Philadelphia fusion, because they’re our guys. Let’s get it.

Edit: I forgot to add the other pictures –

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18 Responses

  1. This is such good news and something to do on rainy days with the family! Do you know when tickets will go on sale? My nephews will vote me Best Aunt Ever if I bring them! LOL!

    – Kate

    1. They would be better off reading a book on a rainy day than taking them down to a place to watch people playing video games. Raising a bunch of cucks I see.

      1. No, they wouldn’t.

        Ever seen World Series of Poker final table?

        Ever seen Nascar Events?

        People are sitting in chairs making calculated decisions against other people.

        You’re an embarrassment to your family and to the Shaolin Temple.

  2. Before we cue the “millennials are blah blah” comments, there must be something to this. My parents couldn’t understand why I went to see Pink Floyd or the Dead more than once. So let’s see what this is about.

  3. Ah yes. If there’s one thing I’ve always said, it’s that there are way too many parking spots in the WFC lot. Good idea to kill a whole section of the lot to build a monument to a fad that won’t last.

    1. By Fad you mean 15 year Track Record with 1,000s of % ROI and growth numbers? More revenue than Hollywood and the Music Industry combined?


      1. Of course the ROI is great right now — Comcast isn’t stupid to get in on the ground floor. E-sports are like a hot tech IPO in the late 90s. But get back to me in another 15 years when interactive technology we can’t even imagine yet is the next big thing. In the meantime, I’ll take the 100+ year history of Hollywood and the music industry over interest watching other people play video games, yes.

  4. BTW, where is the outrage that Tech 9 is dead? Or do we only get pumped up for convicted felons that celebrate with the Boston Patriots after their super bowl victory? free meek

  5. There is no downside to this happening. It will help the economy, put people to work and if/when this concept fades you will always have a nice 3,500 seat venue you can turn into a concert hall. The Tower in Upper Darby has seen much better days this can be the next hot spot for music.

  6. That is scheduled to open in 2020. That’s what everyone is waiting for. Unlike the other Live facility that is open down there you won’t have to pay an admission charge on Sunday’s when the Birds in town. It will be free and gamble a few dollars and your drinks are free too.

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