Good God almighty.

Get a load of this:


Writes Passan at ESPN:

The 27-year-old Trout, who has won two American League MVP awards and finished second four times, will receive an average of nearly $36 million a year, topping Zack Greinke‘s previous record average of $34.4 million with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The $430 million-plus total is more than 30 percent larger than the $330 million deal Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on March 2 and bests boxer Canelo Alvarez’s deal with DAZN by more than $65 million.

Not only is this deal bigger than Harper’s, it basically obliterates it. It pulverizes the Harper deal into dust. Trout was set to become a free agent in 2020, when we had hoped he’d he return home to finish out his career alongside Bryce in a Phils jersey.

I guess this will not be the case.