Report: St. Joe’s Targeting Billy Lange as Phil Martelli’s Replacement

Photo Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Mike has been covering college hoops in Philly for a long time, so I would trust his sources on this one:

Lange is an assistant coach on Brett Brown’s staff and this year took over the defensive duties vacated by Lloyd Pierce, who left for Atlanta at the end of last season. He’s been with Brown since 2013 after spending two years as Jay Wright’s #2 in Villanova.

Lange is a Philly-area native, having graduated from Bishop Eustace Prep School and Rowan University. He coached the Naval Academy from 2004 to 2011 and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy from 1999-2001, in addition to serving as an assistant with Nova (2001 to 2004), La Salle (1998-1999), and Philadelphia (1996-1998).

The timing of this isn’t great, with the playoffs approaching for the Sixers. We can ask Brett about it tomorrow before the Nets game.

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14 Responses

  1. What an awful hiring . Show some balls and go after someone better . Hire someone like Tim legler or Rafal Bigus

  2. Aside from X’es and O’s, does anyone know if he’s a nice guy? If he is, then I say Go Get ‘Em! Be careful on your ride home, all!

    – Kate

  3. Kyl e is a puppet of the Zionist global social proxy paid by Soros to influence $250k plumbers from Norf filly. Operation Blue Broad was put in motion with the hiring of Kinkee needs a binky.

    We stand united in calling to arms against the curly headed regime of hipsters buzz feeding.

    1. I have to say that this link has by far the dumbest posts I have ever seen on one thread. What a pack of morons.

  4. they’d be better off hiring Artie Lange, though he might make them do too many suicides

  5. Lest anyone think Lange is “in charge” of the Sixers D, no one on the staff is. The concepts are there. All defense at any level begins with guarding the ball and taking pride in your man not getting by you. All of their problems begin there, then amplify with being forced to rotate, which leads to a scramble, which leads to poor rebounding position. You can’t make the players play it. They have to want it, and that falls on Brown. It also falls on Brown for lineup combos. TJ is a fake defender…pick up full, get one cheap steal every 3 games and waves to the crowd. The guy couldn’t keep me or you in front of him in the half court.
    People want to crucify Simmons for what he can’t do, but the guy is underratedly excellent on D. They missed him the other night on that end. Lange would do well with college kids who want it. I followed the Patriot League back then, and his Navy teams were a bitch to play against.

  6. Temple should give Aaron McKie to SJU & hire Rick Pitino immediately. Temple would receive national exposure and actually have a coach who has won in March

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