Terry Rozier Believes That Joel Embiid is “Lame”

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Gotta admit, I didn’t know Kristine Leahy had her own show. I remember she was Colin Cowherd’s co-host for a while, then she just sort of disappeared from the program.

Her gig is called “Fair Game with Kristine Leahy” and it’s a 30 minute, single-guest interview format. This week she had on Celtics point guard Terry Rozier, and asked about Joel Embiid:

Transcription after the jump:

Leahy: First word that comes to mind when I say Joel Embiid?

Rozier: (pauses).. Pfff, lame

Leahy: Lame? Why is that?

Rozier: Just do a lot of talking. I respect his on court game, just do a lot of talking.

Leahy: Do you talk trash though?

Rozier: I wouldn’t say I talk trash. Back in my day I used to talk a lot of trash. But now I just try go out there and get the job done, but if you say something to me, then I won’t stop.

That’s it. This means war. You can’t expect to call somebody “lame” and get away with it.

h/t Jamie Lynch, aka “The Bro” for sharing this

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  1. You guys… guns are scary and dangerous….. we need to make laws for the bad guys to follow!

  2. Saw the Cuz pulling up to Nicks Roast Beef last night… dude was driving a brand new Rolls. Baller.

  3. When Carlos Santana hit that Fortnite tv it was funny because when he was here he didn’t hit the ball very well.

  4. that is a prime sign and trade deal… phills will have him by the trade deadline.

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