The Flyers Suffered Some Questionable Calls… Again

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I’m not one for blaming the refs all of the time. Officiating is a tough job. Aside from having to keep up on the ice with the speed of play, maintaining adequate positioning for the best line of sight, and dealing with a raucous crowd, refs are the first to be blamed and the last to be heralded for making a call. In today’s Flyers/Islanders game, hockey fans were treated to one of the most egregious calls of the year. Check out this “high-sticking” penalty that earned Flyers’ defenseman Robert Hägg a double minor:

That’s right, folks. Robert Hägg was called hit with a double minor for high sticking WHILE HIS STICK WAS ON THE ICE.

That had to be the worst call of the day. The worst non-call? How’s this hit on Sean Couturier for ya?

You think he took it well?

Not only did Matt Martin hit Coots between the numbers, he extended his arms to drive him head-first into the boards. In my estimation, Martin either intended to injure Couturier, or he’s just a positionally-unaware fool. So yeah. Enjoy your Saturday.



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        1. That was an absolute embarrassment. Nova showed a major lack of class , effort, and heart. It starts with the coach. Perdue will get crushed next game, they’re a bad team.

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            “Take home EBITA”.

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            He still can’t answer the questions. Support your lie.

            Enjoy the games today. Hopefully the people and the cars (where your front yard is supposed to be) won’t be too loud.

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    Posting as me only shows desperation.

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  5. There’s a shocking lack of Villanova coverage. Come take it on the chin Kyle.

  6. This has become a very contentious post. It could really use some Kate Devlin positivity.

  7. Can’t wsit to read what great team and difficult out they were.

    1. That’s because he has a huge dick and shoots thick ropes.

      Man how bad did “Rowhome” get owned today? What a clown. Lol.

  8. Any word of when Trump will be indicted for collusion with Russia? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    1. Oh no! Bad news for CNN. This is all we have talked about for 2 years. What is the next fake news about Trump that we can pile on?

      1. Real question: how can anyone with half a brain ever take CNN seriously again? Pure comedy listening to these libs trying to justify how wrong they’ve been…….trying to be like, “yeah but there are other investigations going on as well. Who know what they will find”. lolololololol, give it up already. Desperate and embarrassing, sad !!

        1. it’s completely shameless propaganda at this point, but they know exactly what they’re doing, or at least i thought they did. I don’t think it’s some Alex Jones level thinking to see these network news pundits as actors parroting whatever hyper-partisan spin they’re told. Don Lemon is no different from Sean Hannity. Jon Stewart went on one of their shows like 15 years ago and called them out, but then proceeded to become just like them and excused it by saying he followed a puppet prank call show. The funny thing about this trump-russia stuff is that it seems these media people started to believe their own bullshit. Rachel Maddow was on the verge of tears because Mueller cleared him and campaign of “collusion”. Some reporter on NBC who interrupted the final round of the Valspar (golf) today to read Barr’s summary was stuttering and his voice was quaking like he was going to cry and the anchor Kate Snow? just sat there with a pissed off scowl on her face until the next reporter came on to tell us how Trump “was going to spin this”….? bitch it was just laid out lol.

  9. The comment section got taken to a whole new level just now. Good stuff.

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    1. Why so disappointed with 80 grand? You own a house. You should be happy and proud. I graduated from Nova in 2013. I owe $110,000. I make 45 grand per year. I’m totally fucked. Shame on Nova for even offering a communications major.

      1. Don’t blame nova for your stupid decisions. Nova is the only school that offers a communication program? Temple has a great one that is about 1/3 the price. You could’ve worked your way through school and have 0 student loans. Anyway, follow me and my plan and I’ll make you not a loser

  11. I love how that fact that I’m a horrible person who has never ever helped anyone but myself is completely overlooked by my lunatic followers! All bc no collusion! (Well, maybe, but it doesn’t matter now!) America is great indeed!

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