The Flyers Will Play in Europe Next Season


I checked in with Anthony, who said this:

Two games in Europe next season… likely a divisional opponent. Haven’t gotten the opponent or the city yet.”

Anthony says the official announcement will be on March 21st. He doesn’t think the Penguins are the opponent.

Big question – will this count as a home game or a road game? If there are two games, is it one of each?

Some discussion, after the jump:


I see people mentioning Prague on Twitter. That would Czech a number of a boxes, since Jake Voracek and Radko Gudas are from there. Get it? Czech a number of boxes?




Anyway, consider this:

I’m down. Let’s start checking out flights from Delco to Prague.

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19 Responses

  1. There’s only 43 games in the STH package again next season. Like this season when the outdoor game was not included, one of the Europe games will be a home “game”.

  2. Who cares! The Cuz just signed a 3 year extension worth 6 mil!!!!

    Best news all year!!!!

    We all love the Cuz so much!

    1. Obviously you’re trying to be funny(its not working…along with your ‘rope’ jokes…which are also not funny).
      Everyone knows that no program directory would pay an afternoon guy 2 million.
      ‘Cuz’ is lucky to have a job after his entire morning show was shitcanned and people were fired.

      On the other hand, we still have no reply from Kyle Scott Laskowski regarding the matter of if the new 40K slave
      will be above or below Kinker in the pecking order.

      1. I make the awshum bo! comments and meat locker references, ropes, ratings, and more! My posts are soooo hilarious…(crickets)

  3. Really…there are 2 games…Florida/Winnipeg played in Europe earlier this year. One game Florida was the home team, the other game Winnipeg was the home team. It’s not rocket science to figure it out. Stop being so dramatic and give yer balls a tug!

  4. Any update on the marketing position opening? Kink, if you got that gig and combined with your current $60k/no bene income, you’d clear six figures and wouldn’t have to live in a ratty part of the City and might be able to support that kid on the way. Think about it.

      1. I live in your head Kink. Where I occupy a ton of space. Now I’m gonna whisper subliminal messages to you too. Ready? Here goes: “time to get serious and get a real job for a real employer. Journalism is a dying field. You’re welcome”

        Times yours, Kink. As you were.

        1. When I find you I will squeeze your sack and lick yer azz hole…make you wish you were never born, you pu$$ee-fart!!

        2. What’s wrong with you???
          How dare you call Kinker a ‘journalist’ when
          you know he’s a blogger.
          WTF is wrong with you.

  5. Is this why my season tickets went up 20%, I have to pay for the teams travel now along with the Wells Fargo Center updates? Great.

    1. This is ‘why’ you are a sucker.
      You weren’t even born when the flyers won a championship.

  6. If you squint you can see Croatian Jordans hometown in that map. I bet The Homie wouldn’t have been a passive aggressive asshole in Amirs press conference last night….sigh.

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