Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes are Reuniting

Tell ya what, I didn’t expect to see this news drop today.


Sports radio legend TONY BRUNO and his former colleague HARRY MAYES are reuniting for a new show that is being targeted for digital platforms.

“TONY BRUNO AND HARRY MAYES — TRIGGERED!” is in pre-production for a debut later this year.  BRUNO, the former ESPN RADIO and FOX SPORTS RADIO personality, has been hosting a podcast since 2015 after departing WIP/PHILADELPHIA; MAYES, BRUNO’s former co-host at WPEN (97.5 THE FANATIC)/PHILADELPHIA, will also be co-hosting middays at TOWNSQUARE MEDIA Sports WENJ (97.3 ESPN)/ATLANTIC CITY with EYTAN SHANDER starting APRIL 1st.

“TRIGGERED!” is being produced by the new MAXPRO SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, headed by former PROCTER & GAMBLE, BLOCKBUSTER, and CHANNELSPACE ENTERTAINMENT executive MARK ALLEN STUART as CEO with BRUNO and MAYES as principals.  STUART describes the new show as having “attitude, edge and irreverence… presented in a highly dynamic and humorous way that is purely unpredictable and totally entertaining.”

Sounds good to me. I’ll probably be checking this out.

Tony and Harry were great together back in the day. I always looked forward to phone calls with Jose from Norristown, who would say, “We’ve got hockey action, yo.


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  1. Tony Bruno is as dumb as a squirrel. His takes are painfully bad.

    How he ever became such a “respected” name in the industry is beyond me.

    1. What about Miss Robin? Doesn’t she have to work wherever Tony gets a job? That is my understanding. How about Tony’s little Minion sidekick Luigi Curto?

  2. I wish he was coming back to the Fanatic. But with the morning show, and the prime time lunch and afternoon drive shows doing so well they’re isn’t room for these guys. We wish them all the best.

  3. Nice bout time they are back together. They had an entertaining fucking show . The pc libs going hate this

    1. Might be true if you were born in the 2000s and have no idea who the actual great duos were.

  4. Even on a day when there was nothing to talk about except baseball – Bruno and Mayes were the best thing going on 97.5. The Fanatic is mostly unlistenable now including cool daddy, man of the people Mike Miss.

  5. Hey Kinker. Are we going to have to wait till tomorrow to read about Desean coming back to the birds? I know you probably run out of the office at 5 pm. I hope Kyle pays you in old shitty crossingbroad unsold tee shirts.

    1. The kid from Syracuse wrote the story. You KNOW he and his buddies are getting some Hartnell T shirts.

  6. Whatup Wednesdays, Jose would say: “What up Bruno?! What up Mayes? We’ve got Flyers hockey action, yo!”

  7. Giving out handys behind the crossing broad offices. At the end of the day I have more $$$ than the CB slave giving me an Uber home

  8. Old news.

    This was around over one week ago. If you crack journalist would be connected to any social media network, especially professional ones, you would have known about this.

    Pure laziness.

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