We Will Not Be Getting an Onside Kick Alternative in 2019

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Today NFL owners rejected a Denver proposal that would have allowed teams a once-per-game fourth quarter opportunity to try a 4th and 15 from their own 35-yard line instead of attempting an onside kick.

From NFL.com:

This proposal was reportedly popular among members of the competition committee. On Sunday, it received just one no-vote (Giants co-owner John Mara) from the 10 members. Mara found the alternative gimmicky, saying, “What are we, the Arena Football League?”

Thanks, John Mara.

The real wrinkle here is that a lot of people were looking for an onside kick alternative now that the NFL has made permanent the kickoff changes that went into effect last year. With players no longer allowed to get a running start before a kick, it’s nearly impossible to attack an onside attempt that travels a much shorter distance than a typical kickoff. The other complication is that you have to put five players on each side of the ball, so you can no longer overload one side, squib your kick, and then have your 10 guys run at their hands team like the “Wall of Death” at a Lamb of God concert.

The NFL also tabled a Kansas City Chiefs proposal to change the overtime rules after Big Red and company got hosed in the playoffs. Do not come at me complaining about the NFL overtime rules. The NFL overtime rules are a joke and need to be tweaked:


YES YES YES YES YES YES to all of that. Please please please, God allow both teams an offensive possession.

One rule that was adopted was the elimination of all blindside blocks, no matter what the situation or scenario. Blindside blocks are now a 15-yard penalty, so no more crack back, “de-cleater” type of stuff.

There is a meeting currently taking place as of 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, involving coaches and owners and discussing instant replay and related changes. Let’s hope something good comes out of that, to help us avoid another Saints/Rams situation.



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9 Responses

  1. Oh gosh, I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing for the Eagles, but I do know that they’ll probably enjoy their off-season just a little bit more knowing that they don’t have to learn any new silly rules. LOL.
    Hopefully traffic is on the light side for your rides home!

    – Kate

        1. Hey, Kate! A huge “thank you” from the cesspool of commenters at Crossing Broad. You’re the ray of sunshine We didn’t know we needed.. Stay positive! Smoochies…

  2. Hey KInker.
    How over extended is Kyle?
    I’m guessing at least 750G’s

    Why the F anyone would pay over 150G’s to goto Villanova
    and incur this kind of debt is beyond me.
    He could have went to WVU for way less.

    I guess i can’t blame Kyle for shorting the employees with a 40K salary.
    BUUUUUTTTtt…..if he hired someone from Villanova, they would *never* be able to payoff that tuition debt
    on that 40K. for decades………..

    Its a shame what they are charging people for tuition these days.

  3. Let’s see the statistics then.

    If the comments were so irrelevant, you wouldn’t bother replying. But ya keep doing. What’s the matter Kevy?

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