Who are the People that Really Care About Kelly Green?

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I feel like this topic comes up every offseason.

Should the Eagles wear throwback kelly green as an alternate uniform?

The responses are usually either “yeah! this will be awesome!” or, “no, who really gives a shit?” I don’t sense any middle ground in the kelly green discussion. People seem to either really want it or they don’t care at all, not one iota.

This thing resurfaced Monday when Jeffrey Lurie, speaking at the annual NFL Meeting in Arizona, told reporters the following:

Right now, the NFL only allows teams to wear one base color helmet throughout the year, so the Birds could wear kelly green jerseys in 2019, if they wanted to, but it would look really goofy to put two shades of green against each other, shades that don’t match.

Teams, however, are allowed to change the decals on their helmets, which is why you see the Rams use both white and yellow horns:

Those decals and facemasks are different, but it’s the same blue base. Makes sense, right? The Eagles could go back to the old school looking helmet decal, but it would be placed on top of a midnight green matte, which would still clash with the jerseys and trim. You’d be trying to match these colors, for example, after the jump:

I’m 34 years old, so the Eagles wore kelly green throughout my youth, up until 1996 when I was 12 years old. They went to the midnight green in Lurie’s third season, which coincided with the departure of Randall Cunningham and drafting of Brian Dawkins. Ray Rhodes then stumbled through a couple of disappointing years, got himself fired, and Andy Reid came along. You know the rest.

Not sure why, but something about the kelly green just screams “loser” to me, like it harkens back to a time when the Eagles were mediocre, that chunk of 15 years when Rhodes, Marion Campbell, Buddy Ryan, and Richie Kotite combined to bring the City of Philadelphia a whopping two playoff wins.

But when I think about it further, you did have some franchise studs who wore the kelly green. Reggie White wore it. Harold Carmichael and Jaws wore it en route to the Super Bowl. Maybe it would cool to do some kelly green in 2020 as a way to honor those guys, similar to the way the Eagles rolled out the throwbacks for the 2010 opener against the Packers as a way to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1960 World Championship. I personally think it would be kind of cool to see Fletcher Cox wearing the same uniform that Reggie once wore.

Yes? No? I dunno.

I think I subconsciously associate the kelly green with a forgettable era of Eagles football, with WIP callers worshiping at the altar of Buddy Ryan, a guy who went 0-3 in the playoffs while his team scored 25 total points. I know Buddy had amazing defenses back then, and the Eagles weren’t horrible, but they just couldn’t get it done in the postseason. Kotite actually won more postseason games here than the Buddy Ryan did. Every time I hear any argument supporting kelly green, it just makes me feel like people are nostalgic for a time period when the team didn’t win jack shit. Do we really want to remind ourselves of that? Or did the Super Bowl win erase that bad taste permanently?

The midnight green I associate with winning Eagles football, when Andy Reid took the Birds to five NFC Championship Games before his disciple, Doug Pederson, went on to win it all. It’s not exactly scientific, but that’s the mental connection I make to each set of uniforms as a 34 year old who was just a kid in the late 1980s and early 90s.

So I’ll throw it you –

Do you want to see the Eagles wear Kelly Green? Do you even care? You tell me.

This is when the Birds last wore the uniforms, in the 2010 home opener:

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30 Responses

      1. Had to respond to myself again. Got tired of hitting refresh.

        The only green I care about is my ‘take home’ ebidta.

        Back to hitting refresh. It’s hard to recover from lies on the internet.

  1. Number of Super Bowls won in midnight green – 1

    Number of Super Bowls won in that shitty green every drunk wears on St. Patrick’s Day – 0

    We’re done here.

  2. Kelly green is so lame. They should rock the white helmets with the green wings. Them shits dope.

    1. Dats da truth. My homeboys at Mitchel and Ness guna be makin mad loot sellin dem throwbacks. One!

  3. I don’t have a preference, but I will say if we win another Super Bowl this year, our competition will GREEN WITH ENVY! Lol! Enjoy your morning!

    – Kate

  4. I’m an old sad lonely shut in CB commenter so I prefer Kelly green to midnight green but the biggest problem is our ugly ass logo. DOES EVERYONE SEE THE ‘E’ IN EAGLES NECK PLUMAGE? ITS LIKE A HIDDEN FREE MASON SYMBOL, BUT FOR SPORTS!!!!

  5. Before they won the Super Bowl I was all about bringing back the puke green uni’s. But then, they won the Superbowl and I no longer give a flip. But thennnnn Wentz seems to get very injured wearing Midnight Green sooooooooooooo maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee its time to go back to St Patricks Green so the snowflake South Dakota boy can stay healthy? I don’t know, I’m very confused

  6. As an alternate jersey, the kelly green is immensely better than black, which was gimmick that practially every team in all sports started adopting in the 90’s to sell more crap. Thank the lord the Sixers returned to the classic red white and blue and thank the lord the Phillies never went black like the LOLMETS, Reds, Astros, etc. If black is a part of the normal color scheme like the Raiders, Bengals, SF Giants, etc then fine, but black is ridiculous and terrible. As far as it “reflecting an era of Eagles football that maintains a loser history”, they won 3 NFL titles in kelly green. The team wore kelly green for over 50 years until it was changed because Lurie’s then wife didn’t like the color. Yes, the Eagles won the Super Bowl in midnight green and that will remain the primary color. If kelly green reminds you of Buddy Ryan losing in the playoffs, that’s fair, but that WAS their color forever and would be more in line with the Eagles history than black. When the Phillies switched back to their fire engine red in 1993 or whenever as opposed to the maroons they wore in their only World Series victory, were people complaining because the bright red had nearly 100 years of losing and they won the WS in maroon? No, because that’s a ridiculous argument and the old/current bright red is a better look than the maroon.

    1. Meanwhile the throwback maroon and powder blue has been brought back as an alternative uniform. At least with maroon it’s distinctive, whereas at least three other MLB teams wear red and royal blue in some form.

  7. midnight green is NOT a freaking color and it looks black on TV. Kelly Green is the BEST color.

  8. Change the stupid helmet color to grey, and you can wear both color jerseys without there being an issue. It’s not difficult.

  9. Do it!!
    It’s the O.G. And that’s gangsta. College can wear multi helmets/ unis. Plus college PI calls are standard 15 yds too.
    Take a shower. Hit the weights. Get a clue!

  10. Kelly Green jerseys are preferred only by gay elderly men and a few hair dressers who don’t know football.

  11. Part of the problem is midnight green is a weird and finicky color that is difficult to replicate with consistency and can appear kinda green or kinda black or totally something different and still be considered “correct.” Look at the awful awful collars and cuffs on current black unis. It’s like a jags color and the tones of what are supposed to be the SAME COLOR (helmet, cuffs and collars, midnight jersey/pant) don’t really complement each other in various combos.
    I don’t have a passion for kelly green but would love the ability to use it. NFL apparel is almost always ugly. The kelly green brings a little brightness to stuff that is usually blocky and oddly proportioned and still has its base (maybe too) firmly in that 90s/00s makeover

  12. The Eagles need a style overhaul. Kelly green is better than midnight green, and the current name and number font is BAD, as are the two fat pants stripes.
    Please, start with the kelly green and do a completely new uniform. And the eagle pointing downward to the left is also bad. The “E” in the logo is actually over-design. Let’s get everything right at one time!

  13. I wish the Phillies would ditch the “splash of blue” in their current uniforms. Get them looking more like the ’60s uniforms that their based on.

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