Ben Simmons, Not a Fan of the Booing

Ben Simmons and D'Angelo Russell in Game One
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers were booed multiple times on Saturday afternoon.

They were booed on the floor. They were booed off the floor. They were booed in the first half and second half. Ben Simmons was booed twice at the foul line when he missed a pair.

He said this about it after the game:

Jimmy Butler was asked about Ben’s comments, and explained that Simmons is a “grown man” who can speak for himself.

Joel Embiid gave what I thought was a very nuanced and reasonable opinion, after the jump:

Gotta agree with Embiid. It does have an effect on the players.

My take?

Yes, the Sixers deserved to be booed today for that wretched excuse of a performance, but it DOES put pressure on a team that already has a lot of weight on their shoulders, especially when Ben Simmons is getting booed at the foul line in his own arena with the game in reach. Sure, it’s on him to make a free throw, but the Wells Fargo Center was all over the place today. The Nets looked loose and comfortable. The Sixers looked like they were being smushed under the weight of expectations.

Don’t get me wrong; those expectations are justified. This team was expected to do things in the postseason. My belief is that booing can be justified but detrimental at the same time, so I’m curious as to the fan response if things go south in game two.

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40 Responses

    1. Awwww whats the matter.
      Did you fucking exalted sixers FUCKING TANK?
      boooofucccccckkkin who.

      hope you schmucks enjoy it when they increase
      ticket prices 20%.

      1. Tobias Harris, JJ Redick and that overrated pretty boy( Ben Simmons) came up small and were the reason the Sixers lost to the lowly Brooklyn Nets.

    2. Heard Angelo will be organizing a bunch of drunks to got to the game on Monday and boo the Sixers.

  1. Knock Knock who’s there. Brett Brown, Brett Brown who. Brett Brown who has never won a big game in his life.

      1. wow, 50 wins in a league packed with tanking teams. Congrat-u-f-ing-lations! Trust the process, fool.

  2. All butt hurt over the booing, Really? Then again he also he also seemed surprised that the Nets shot as many 3s as they did.. maybe that’s because he plays like shooting the ball isnt an important aspect of the game.

  3. Tiny example…and there are tons of them. 6’10 Ben Simmons, unbelievable talent, just gazing at opponent shots in the air EVERY damn time and NEVER find a man to block out, and getting rebounded over constantly is just heartbreaking. Some of these prodigies never had a coach lay into them about fundamental things like that. And the softie coaching him now sure wont. These tiny things are why they will lose every time. There are examples all over this lazy ass team as to why they lose. And the public consensus of “I cant believe we lost to them”, well it’s blatantly obvious to those of us who played at any sort of respectable level.

  4. I have been saying for 2 years for his team has no sac.

    Also – Ben has been soft since the day he was born.
    Also – Joel has great games but ultimately isn’t great. Way too many mistakes.
    Also – Brett Brown runs a horrible offense for the talent he has.

    When your plan is to tank and get lucky – you have no plan.
    This group won’t win. Yay Process.

  5. There was a time in the 3rd, when they had it cut to 4, and then the Nets scored like 10 or 11 straight times down the floor…mostly through crap defense, poor rebounding, and bad fouling. Then you find yourself in the 4th quarter, when they’re down 10, wishing to yourself while the shot is in the air “if Jonah Bolden or Mike Scott could just knock this 3 down, we’re back in it!” Is that what we are reduced to? With this team of apparent studs? Is the NBA that bad that these posers can win 50 games?

    1. Yes. The NBA sucks. There are 3 good teams and the rest are varying degrees of garbage.

  6. Sometimes the booing in Philly is ‘wrong-place-wrong-time’ or just dumb, but sometimes its appropriate. An today was one of those days. This was pent up from watching this team bumble its way through the season and realizing right away this team isn’t going to turn on the switch in the post season. I would have booed all game too.

    And everyone knew Ben was going to miss those shots and he promptly did….

    Giannis had it right, Ben is soft. I have never trusted him and never felt he was a real Sixer, and today just proves it even more. Go to LA and enjoy Blake Griffins sloppy seconds.

  7. Toronto lost at home by 3 to Orlando , Kyle Lowery was 0-9 with ZERO points. At least Ben has that going for him.

  8. Soft ass team. Paid and coached to lose for five seasons. Heartless, gutless. Fucking losers and overated drama queens every one of them.

    Butler and Simmons can’t wait to leave town and all Embiid cares about is the media in this town blowing him, which they always do despite him coming up small again and again on big games.

    1. hahaha….embid is a pussy ……simmons a head case… blows them every interview…..bye bye sixers.

      pregame and postgame is a joy to watch …fuckups jimmy lynum and barfkan…….amateur hour.

  9. How you feeling about that now
    Are you purchasing your dog tomorrow I would.

    Let’s review..
    I believe all 5 starters were on court at same time for maybe 5 minutes..the first 4 of that was start of game..

    I think Sixers had a 22 19 or 21 18 lead late in q1.
    Brooklyn called timeout..went on 20 to 1 run at end of first early 2nd qtr..
    He got wrecked out of a timeout how often does that happen.

    Start of q3 team cuts lead to 3..butler is a beast
    Than d’angelo Russell arrives..eating McConnell for dinner…

    Instead of moving Jimmy to Russell he goes line changehockey style sub replaces tj with jj..huh? Takes butler out and goes Ben tobias with no scoring.

    Hes a tool.
    Team sucks
    Coach blows
    Embiid is a fatty

    Out in 5

  10. hahaha….cry sixers fans cry….obviously they are going to lose this series….obviously brett brown sucks as a coach…..anyone paying more than $20 for a ticket needs their head examined

  11. Shut the fuck up, Ben Simmons. Too bad you don’t work on your jumper as much as your image. Dude is sooooo corny. Only dude in the league who will hang on the rim or throw a nonchalant no look pass, down 20. Sixers will NEVER win a title with him. Most overrated player in NBA. And this rant is coming from a Sixers fan lol.

    Spike Eskin is still a total disgrace

  12. my name is ben simmons…i suck but i am rich so i don’t have to learn to shoot…..did i mention i am rich and F nba d-sucking whores like kendall jenner and her mom……thats how i spell success losers.

  13. Hey Kinkead- maybe you should go get a dog you fucking hack! Everyone with half a brain knew the Sixers would have a struggle with the Nets whether they win the series or not. You wrote a lot of words trying to be the Crossing Broad Eskin.

    You are a disgrace to all dudes sitting front row at The Grill Shop

  14. Fuck Ben he proved to me he’s not Philly

  15. “Ame the long term future of this team is not looking good. Embiid is an immature star gazer who plays only when hes on a glamorous Big stage like LA or NY and completely undependable going forward , Ben + Tobias are soft/flawed,Jimmy is too old to build around, and the bench is terrible.”

    “Hmm Hmmmmmm”

  16. Been Simmons just put a target on himself to get booed even more. He doesn’t have the clout with the fans like Embiid does. Heck, even Jimmy Butter figured out the right way to answer the question. Fans want to know that players are just as affected by the loss as they feel. The appropriate answer is some form of, “We sucked and we deserved it.”. Been Simmons who now has displayed a knack for disappearing in the playoffs gave the worst answer for this town. He’d be smart to clean it up before Game 2.

  17. I saw been Simmons piss head at outback acting like a wannabe Iverson at Fridays! Yo little been Iverson might be a low life dirtball but he could play unlike you! Oh and is that stjospehs player still banging lebrons mom?

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