Brandon Brooks Describes Philly Voice Carson Wentz Article as “Bull****”

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Brooks was one of the first Eagles to poo-poo the Philly Voice article describing Carson Wentz as selfish and uncompromising. That was a few months ago.

This week, he went on Don and Sean Bell’s “Zero Fs Given” podcast and delivered a lot of candid thoughts on being a professional athlete, navigating social media, dealing with his anxiety issues, and pretty much everything in between.

The trio also touched on the Joe Santoliquito story from January, which Brooks called “bullshit.”

Said Brooks, in part:

“…Carson’s driven. Yeah, damn right Carson is hard on himself. You’re damn right Carson’s hard on his teammates. He wants the best for everybody. I think all the great quarterbacks were the same way. They demanded the best from everybody. They want to win games. Does Carson have input in the offense? Clearly he has input in the offense. I mean any quarterback that’s a starter is going to have input in the offense. You know what I’m saying? I just thought the article was just a lie. But Carson is thick skinned, man, he’ll be fine. If anything he’ll use that to ball out. This past year, it wasn’t his knee bothering him, it was his back. The man is out there playing with a stress fracture in his back, had 20+ touchdowns and single digit interceptions.”

Brooks praised Nick Foles for his contributions to the Eagles while describing him as a tremendous person, teammate, and talent. He also said this about Wentz, after the jump:

“…people also forget, that year we were 11-1 because of Carson Wentz now. Like let’s not get that twisted. Without Carson, basically at that time, being the league MVP, we’re not sitting in the number one seed with a bye. You see what I’m saying?”

Here’s the full podcast episode:

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  1. “…people also forget, last year we were 6-7 because of Carson Wentz now. Like let’s not get that twisted. Without Carson, basically at that time, being the leagues short pass king, we’re not sitting outside the playoffs with a offseason bye. You see what I’m saying?”

    FTFY BB.

    1. This team is a year off its first SB win in team history with a QB that played through an injury last year. You need a fucking hobby man, seriously. Maybe you and Wentz’s Gimpy Knee can form a bridge club or whateverthefuck bitter old Philly fans do these days.

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