Bryce Harper RANG the Bell at the Sixers Game Tonight

Bryce Harper

There’s ringing the bell, and then there’s RINGING, nay, SLAMMING the bell. Bryce Harper, show me whatcha got:

Front foot down, hip locked in, stayed through the swing. Textbook. That’s how you ring the bell. That’s a $330 million stroke. Smooth, forceful, and violent. No wonder he has a 1.840 OPS.

Bryce Harper, content machine. So hot right now.


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  1. the best thing about a bj from Ava Graham is the ten minutes of silence

  2. Ava Graham really ain’t hot. maybe a 5/10.
    Amy Fadool is where its at. double jumbo!

    1. i’d say even a 5 is a bit too strong, unless we’re comparing her with girls who have medical conditions

  3. Tobias Harris sucks !!! Ben is scared to score !!!!!
    Z Smith sucks!!!!!!
    Fire Brett Brown after they lose in the 2nd round !!!!! They play like they are retarded in the final 2 minutes!!!!!!!
    They lost me $$$!!!!!!! I’m hammered!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck !!!!!!!!

  4. One of them is Spike Eskin. What I can’t figure out is why a program director would take a menial part-time job.

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