Sources: New York Daily News Cuts Ties With Chris Sheridan Following Sixers Story

Chris Sheridan
via Twitter

Sources tell Crossing Broad that the New York Daily News will no longer be publishing stories from veteran NBA reporter Chris Sheridan.

This comes 24 hours after Sheridan was widely panned for authoring a story titled 76ers’ Brett Brown is heading for coaching purgatory,in which he described behind-the-scenes conflict within the Sixers locker room and front office. Sixers Vice President of Communications Dave Sholler took to Twitter to dispute the story, describing it as a “steaming pile of trash” and “irresponsible hack job.”

One source with knowledge of the situation says Sheridan was uncooperative in providing his source material to the newspaper. He wrote a follow-up story for that was published this morning, an article titled “Why Sixers are angry about Daily News report on Ben Simmons.”

I spoke on the phone this afternoon with Kyle Wagner, who runs the New York Daily News sports department. Wagner would not confirm or deny whether Sheridan was still employed by the newspaper and told Crossing Broad that Sheridan was a freelancer.


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  1. On Barr day no less a fake journalist gets canned.

    I love the Smell of Irony at 4 p.m.

  2. Good. I was getting pretty sick and tired of hearing that guys bull crap. I really don’t need that grief.

  3. My problem with the article wasnt so much that I thought it was false….it was that what was in it wasnt something I really thought was that big of a deal. The way he wrote it made it seem like he had some really bad info that was going to destroy the Sixers internally. Read his article and then read the Colangelo one that the Ringer did. That was an actual crazy story. Ben getting drunk once and missing a game doesnt really track. He’s missed 4 games in 2 years. Im honestly surprised more guys dont miss games with hangovers. Brett Brown having trouble navigating a team that changed every other month….also not a crazy revelation. The best part of it was when he told the story that Bruce Bowen story that we all heard about months ago as if it was new. He’s just garbage.

  4. Another one hit wonder trying to make it big by making up shit. We live in the Golden Age of News…ami right?

  5. Truth of the matter is no matter what this writer wrote which im sure most is true. Brett Brown will be terminated as coach once the Sixers get knocked out of the Playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. So we can look back at this story in 3 weeks and say hey, maybe this writer was rignt on the money.

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