Draftkings Sportsbook Is Offering Odds on All Eagles, Giants, and Jets Games

draftkings sportsbook eagles odds
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The 2019 NFL schedule is out and DraftKings Sportsbook is wasting absolutely no time offering action on the games—not just Week 1 games—but also every Eagles, Giants, and Jets game Weeks 1-16.

Here are the odds for each team:

Eagles fans will be happy to know the team is favored to win 12 of their first 15 games. They are most heavily favored over the Redskins and Lions (-8.5) and a strong favorite over the Giants at home (-8).

The Eagles are also favored in every home game, including a modest one-point favorite over the Patriots. All three games in which they are underdogs are on the road: Vikings (+3), Packers (+1.5), and Cowboys (+1.5).

Unfortunately for Giants and Jets fans, the odds at DraftKings aren’t quite so good for their squads. The Jets are favored in only 5 of 15 games and the Giants are favored in only 3 of 15 games.

DraftKings is also offering a market for the NFL’s last defeated team. The Patriots have the shortest odds at +750. The Eagles are tied for the third-best odds with the Chargers, Rams, and Seahawks at +1100. The Giants check in at +6000 and the Jets have the third-longest odds at +7000. Here are the full market odds:

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10 Responses

  1. Browns favored over the Jets and middle of the pack for last undefeated team, never thought I’d see the day

  2. The endless gambling posts have really turned me off to this site. As someone who doesn’t gamble on sports, having this thrown in my face on twitter and on this site all the time, is just annoying. Just talk about teams/games

    1. Wholeheartedly agree. God forbid people come to this site for irreverent yet informative content on local and national sports. Sports gambling serves no interests of mine. I could care less. But I realize it’s a big business (and obviously and obnoxiously funds a great deal of this site). But for God’s sake, at least reformat the site so that the many people who do NOT come here for betting odds and endless gambling ads/content, don’t have to troll through all that garbage to find the true gems of Kapler’s golden-tanned, cocounut-oiled nether regions or the long-lost erstwhile RADIO WARS content. It’s really not that hard. Reformat!!!!!

      1. I appreciate the feedback (really), but there are more (and better) non-betting posts than ever on the site, partially thanks to said betting posts, which are actually fairly popular. There are also fewer ads, no surveys and so on.

        1. I said nothing of a lack of preferable content. I was specifically highlighting that one has to scroll through a ton of gambling ads and content to get to it. Can’t you just reformat the flow of content to get around that “annoyance” factor for many who are very uninterested in betting odds and the like?

    2. Is there some strange power that forces you to come here even though you don’t like the content?

      1. Hey Jackass,

        And I do mean jackass.

        I never said I disliked this site.

    3. Just wait until it’s legal in PA……

      It’s not just this site though (although there are posts ad nauseam on this site about it) but it’s all over tv and radio commercials too. I guess degenerates are a thriving business

  3. Bet the house against the Eagles.

    They are an 8-8 team. 9-7 if they catch some breaks. 7-9 if the breaks go the other way.

    4-4 after 8 games. Bet the house

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