Eagles Notes: Jason Kelce Played Through Three Injuries Last Season

Jason Kelce out in front
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Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

Offseason activities began today, and we’ve got Carson Wentz in front of the entire media, not just six guys in a super-secret setting. Zach Ertz and Jason Kelce also spoke, but Carson was first at the microphone, so let’s go in chronological order and begin with him:

  • His back is still in the process of healing, says “it’s still getting there” in terms of the stress fracture that forced him out towards the end of last season. He is feeling good, taking it week by week, and that the goal is to be out there for week one of OTAs.
  • He is leaving contract extension talks to his agent. “Hearing that, it’s exciting, (the idea of) being here long term.”

He’s looking forward to putting durability concerns behind him:

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  • didn’t wanna delve into specifics about restrictions, what he can do and what he can’t do this spring and summer
  • you try to give your mind a break in the offseason, don’t watch too much film and then pick it up when activities begin
  • it’s “exciting” to get DeSean Jackson on the team, he’s “getting up there in age but still runs like the wind.”
  • they’re going to do everything they can to avoid being too separated from the team while he continues to rehab his back

Jason Kelce

  • It was “very clear” to him that he wanted to keep playing, says he loves playing the game and “being around the guys,” competing and battling with people you care about. “All of that stuff is still very strong in your mind… there were too many positives and not enough negatives to step away from the game.”
  • He played through last year with a grade two MCL sprain, a broken foot, had a torn elbow with a brace on his left side.
  • He did not require offseason surgery.
  • You have dings and bruises as the season goes along, more nagging types of the things the older you get, says most things you’re able to push through. “As long as it not’s detrimental to the team and your overall health, you can play through them.”
  • First day is always great, says players are used to being around the locker room and the team. “That’s what everybody loves most about this game, being in the locker room and the team, just competing.”
  • He’s not surprised that Jason Peters is back for another season.
  • Team has Super Bowl quality, need to work in some new pieces but the talent is there, the players to get it done.
  • No questions about Carson Wentz’s leadership, no concerns at all
  • Jordan Mailata’s in-season improvement was “spectacular.”
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro experience was “way harder than he thought it was gonna be.” Described it as a life-changing and eye-opening experience.

Zach Ertz

  • got a lot of talent on offense, need to piece it together in the right way
  • has a lot of respect for the now-retired Rob Gronkowski
  • his goal is to be the best and he feels like he’s going into this season with “a huge chip” on his shoulder
  • on the All-Pro snub: “I want to be viewed as one of the best tight ends… my goals are always going to be 1st, 2nd team All-Pro, Pro Bowl every year”
  • Said he didn’t feel great at the end of last season and needed to rebuild his body
  • Carson Wentz is one of the most dynamic players on the league when healthy, wasn’t 100% healthy last year, he’s just trying to prove he can be the best quarterback he can be for this organization
  • said he started lifting on Mondays instead of Tuesdays last year, felt like his recovery was a bit more beneficial that way, says this offseason was one of the best he’s had since coming into the league, just got back to basics
  • lots of guys have a bad taste in their mouth with how last year ended
  • he said Carson Wentz’s back was an issue “early in the season,” and when asked about it said he shouldn’t talk about that and would leave it up to Wentz to discuss his injuries
  • Jordan Howard is going to help the team, missed Jay Ajayi last year

Full video here:


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