Let’s check in on Washington Nationals supporters, those slimy creeps. Those political scumbags masquerading as baseball fans.

Here’s a “reminder” from an NBC News digital political reporter:

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, Jonathan Allen. What goes on in the Capitol (on both sides of the aisle) is an embarrassment to every hard-working, tax paying American citizen. Bryce Harper just plays baseball.

Here’s more wisdom from Allen:

I went over to NBC Sports Washington to see what those jabronies wrote last night and this morning. There was nothing truly defiant, just some pitiful paragraphs like this one, after the jump:

Unfortunately for Nats fans, if Harper keeps hitting this well over the next 13 seasons, there could be a few more bat flips on the horizon.

Also this passage from a different NBCSW article:

“I try not to watch [the bat flips],” Nationals manager Davey Martinez said. “It’s the way the game’s evolved. Everybody’s got a couple that do it. I try not to watch. I really do.”

With that, his press conference closed. Martinez sounded dejected. His demeanor was more noticeable because it was shift, akin to when a noisy person falls quiet or a silent one raises their voice. Martinez spent last season relentlessly positive in public and often in private. Not Tuesday night following the rain delay, the injury, his ace pitching well but not winning, his bullpen failing time after time.

“Bottom line is we lost one of our good players and we lost,” Martinez said. “We’ve got to come back [Wednesday] and we’ve got to get better. Just got to play better.”

Apparently the Phils battered the Nationals so bad last night that this electronic display outside of the ballpark needed a reset:

This guy had the right idea, but the only flatulence was the Nationals’ performance:

94 WIP Marketing Director and Phillies super fan Cindy Webster clipped some great videos from the right field stands, including this one:

And Russ referenced this on the podcast; here’s a father/son duo using Gotye lyrics to rip Bryce Harper:

Gotye? Really? #Natitude

Nationals Reddit was a glorious gold mine for reaction, highlighted by this excellent post from a dude who compared last night’s game to running into your ex-girlfriend:

So imagine you were dating this really awesome chick for like 6 years. Like smoking hot and everyone was envious of you. Then you get close to your anniversary, and it’s clear you two are having problems. Eventually she says she wants to see someone else. You’re hurt, certainly, but you think maybe it’s better this way.

Only right after this you find out she’s started seeing this other dude you know. And he isn’t just some random guy – he’s the dude you can’t stand more than anyone else you can think of. He’s the guy who as long as you’ve known him has been laughing at you every time you’re down, making fun of you, trying to fuck with you.

So now imagine that you hear both of them are coming back into town one night, and you want to give her a piece of your mind. Tell her she made a mistake – that he’s a douche bag and you’ve got a new girl. And this new girl, (even if she’s not quite as hot) is better than her and makes you happier than she ever did. So you take your boys with you to the club, and you stride right up to the two of them, ready to make your point and even things up emotionally.

Only the dude proceeds to beat you up, break one of your boys’ fingers, and almost give another one a concussion. Your ex is laughing at you the whole time. To top it all off, when you leave it’s raining and 45 degrees out.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how my night went.

User Cbad16 pointed out that “this shit is depressing his dog” – 

Poor guy.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a moment of clarity from Ryan Zimmerman via The Washington Post:

“Nobody did anything wrong. There are no bad guys in this. It is okay. Everyone can be happy,” said Zimmerman, who, two years before he reached free agency, signed a $100 million extension to make sure he spent his whole career with the Nationals and near Virginia Beach, where he grew up. “These days, it’s hard not to make something out of everything. But you don’t have to.

“Bryce is not the first MVP to switch teams,” Zimmerman continued, referencing how Harper turned down a 10-year, $300 million offer from the Nats, with $100 million deferred far into the future, to take a 13-year, $330 million contract from the Phillies. “This happens. He came. He played. He exercised his right. Sounds like any business anywhere. I hope they cheer him — once anyway.”

How about that?

Common sense.

The Phils are getting ready to put another smack down on the Nationals in a few hours. Same lineup as last night.

Let’s go.