Jake Arrieta Had Some Harsh Words For His Teammates After Last Night’s Loss

bryce harper ejected

The Phillies are 1-4 on their current seven-game road trip after a listless 5-1 loss in Queens last night. A suspect defense was partly to blame, but the primary culprit was a flat offense that couldn’t get anything going against Mets starter Steven Matz less than a week after knocking him out of a start in Philadelphia without making an out.

The Phillies were already without the services of Odubel Herrera, Jean Segura, and Scott Kingery due to injury, and Bryce Harper was quickly out of the lineup after being ejected in the fourth inning by home plate umpire Mark Carlson, setting up this exchange, which you can view after the jump.

Harper, who had struck out in his only two at-bats of the night, took exception with Carlson’s strike zone after his second strikeout and then again from the bench later in the inning after a 1-1 pitch to Cesar Hernandez that appeared high.

I’m sure there are plenty of people this morning that appreciated Harper’s chirping and subsequent explosion, but one person who definitely didn’t was Jake Arrieta, who had some critical comments after the game about the ejection, the team’s defense, and its energy level:

Here’s Arrieta’s full comments, along with what Harper and Gabe Kapler had to say:

The city is currently infatuated with Harper, so I expect many fans to have positive takes about his passion and how he’s so competitive and just wants to win. While all of that may be true, it’s hard to argue with what Arrieta has to say here. After a 4-0 start to the season, the Phillies are only 8-10 over their last 18 games, and managed only three hits last night, spoiling one of the rare quality starts the team has gotten this season. The Phillies have also only managed 15 total runs over their last five games. It’s true that sometimes a good tirade can wake guys up, but they managed exactly zero hits after Hernandez finished his interrupted at-bat with a single, going quietly over the final five frames.

They have played unfocused baseball in recent days, which includes ridiculous base running gaffes and suspect defense, so, yeah, Arrieta is right. Is it weak that he seems to absolve himself of any blame? Maybe, but the short-handed Phillies do need Harper out there, and Arrieta, who watched his team’s promising start go up in flames last season, probably doesn’t want to watch a repeat performance this summer, so good on him for speaking the truth.

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  1. And used a CBS Philly twitter account to spread his vile comments.

    Now he spends his time between Jenner articles to censor comments for what he claims “racist”???

  2. I am a cancer in the clubhouse. My team has never won a playoff series. I am hitting .211 in 19 playoff games. I will be a $330 million bust. Who am I?

  3. Hey Crossing Broad – long-time reader, second-time commenter here,

    I know that the comment section often gets lost in the wash, unless the author of the blog post wishes to correct the record or debate a point with a user. However, this is one complaint / request that I hope does not get pushed aside.

    This site is great. It gets a lot of criticism from folks for copy and pasting, writing style, and regurgitating information––but I disagree with a lot of that. For someone that lives outside of the Philadelphia media market, Crossing Broad and its podcasts are great resources, and make it easy to keep up with day-to-day sports news. The football analysis can leave a lot to be desired, but CB is a solid place to find updates on personnel, and I like what it does with the Phillies.

    But I think the product is seriously flawed. My number one problem with the website is its advertisements. I understand that ads make an Internet-focused business run, but Crossing Broad has by far the worst formatting of any website that I use regularly. It is impossible to scroll down the page smoothly to see the articles that have been posted.

    Please fix this. Otherwise, another website with a simpler, cleaner design could easily draw a large percentage of your readership.

    1. They use a custom Alison WordPress theme. They likely had someone do it for them and they have no clue how to actually code so they just put elements wherever they can figure out

    2. It’s called an ad-blocker man. I haven’t seen one yet since I installed it. No ads watching youtube vids either.

  4. The Phillies bench is being exposed early with all the injuries, it sucks. The takeaway from last night is that there’s good leadership in the clubhouse and Jake is actually pitching really well so far this year. Stop wetting your panties people, it’s April

  5. Krapler needs to go. This team has been making the same stupid mistake after the same stupid mistake since the beginning of last season. The difference now is that last season they were a lousy team playing way over its head until they crashed back to earth, while this year this team should be way better than it is, and is getting worse by the day. The lack of interest from the players in the last 5 games is telling, regardless of what Bwanks is pushing in his post on Sunday (telling us not to worry). You could tell from the first pitch last night this team had no interest in being on the field, and when the Mets did what the Phillies couldnt do by knocking in the RISP, it was game over. T

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