Jeff Passan Has Excellent Taste in Music

via ESPN

I was watching ESPN this morning when MLB Insider Jeff Passan hopped on for a segment.

Obviously this was done from his home office or studio or whatever, so you’ve got the requisite books and various trinkets on the shelves. But check out the album art behind his left shoulder:

That’s Rage Against the Machine’s Evil Empire and Weezer’s Pinkerton, which isn’t as good as the blue album but still had bangers like “Across the Sea” and “Falling for You.”

One other thing, and I need some help here, but if you look behind Passan’s left ear, there’s a black and yellow print that I swear looks like Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers.

I zoomed in, but I don’t think it matches, after the jump:

Close, but no cigar, because the design of whatever that letter is does not match the ‘G’ on the bottom right side of the logo:

Anyway, shout out to Jeff Passan for repping Rage and Weezer on ESPN. He’s 38 years old, so he grew up in a time when music was good, before everything was overproduced and autotuned and yadda yadda yadda.

Here’s my top five songs on Evil Empire:

  1. Vietnow
  2. Bulls on Parade
  3. Snakecharmer
  4. Tire Me
  5. Down Rodeo/Without a Face (tie)

I haven’t seen an ESPN personality exhibit such good taste in music since John Clayton:


Jeff Passan has spoken:

I knew it. I knew the guy had impeccable taste in music.


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  1. Listen, I want you to come down here and go dancing with me and we’ll have fun together. You know you like The Spaniard, you know you like The Sith Lord, you know that. Hello? You’re blushing, I know you’re into The Sith Lord, I know it! Hello? Hello? Helloooo? Aww I lost connection.

  2. I’m 38 and HATE what is considered ‘rap’ music today. Being in high school in the mid- to late 90’s though, there was some phenomenal rap music back than. Dr Dre, Snoop, Nas, Redman, Method Man, ODB, Ghostface, Big-E, 2-Pac, Outkast, Eminem,Tribe, Raekwon, GZA, Gangstar, Roots, Wu-Tang, Dr. Octagon, KRS-1, EPMD, & others I’m forgetting. Being a Wig in Delco back than was almost mandatory listening to all of these albums. Nas It was Written and Redman Muddy Waters were My favs…

  3. You’re not like what I’m gonna say, but Pork and Beans is better than Buddy Holly. You think Blue is better than Pinkerton!?! No offense, Kinkead, but drink my blood.

  4. Might be Enter the Wu Tang album cover. The “Wu-Tang” and “Clan” are broken up on 2 lines in the logo on that particular cover and looks a little closer to this. Also there is a little bit of Dark Side of the Moon next to Pinkerton. Solid taste all around.

    And People of the sun should be on your top 5 but Vietnow is def #1

  5. 1. These albums were released in 1996. That’s not taste, that’s living in the past.
    2. Agreed about Weezer. Anyone who says Pinkerton is better than the Blue Album is a moron.
    3. I saw Rage at the FU Center in 99. Lead singer went on a “Free Mumia” rant and was booed mercilessly. Loved it.

    1. Pinkerton is as transformative to today’s music as Pet Sounds is to all of music. Blue is a very nice album – a near masterpiece. But musically and emotionally, Pinkerton is equal parts raw and accessible and sophisticated and transcendent.

    2. 1. Led Zeppelin released songs 40-50 years ago that still get radio play. Is that “living in the past?”
      2. Blue album > Pinkerton in my opinion
      3. he is further left politically than Bernie

      1. Now that we have Spotify and access to pretty much every song ever, it baffles me that people keep listening to the same stuff over and over again. Grew up and loved music from the late 90’s, also love classic rock…but listening to the same hit songs over and over every day would drive me insane, whether its Weezer or Zeppelin. Theres a boatload of amazing new music coming out all the time, and its free or dirt cheap. Love Neil Young? Listen to Andy Shauf. Love Tom Petty? Listen to The War on Drugs. Love Pavement? Listen to Snail Mail. There are new artists with old vibes everywhere.

        1. Or you could just listen to Neil Young, Tom Petty, or Pavement…..Good Music doesnt get old, it just gets more familiar. I completely give you props for being the opposite of the get off my lawn guy tho. New Music, Old Music, In Between music….some good, some bad, its all good man.

  6. Wonder what the Cuz thinks of this? and I agree that both Bernie and all members of rage are commies

  7. This is what sports nerds think is GREAT music taste. Each one of those albums are nice in a vacuum but represent the most basic of basic “people who are ‘into’ music” crowd. I suppose when you spend all day analyzing whether a bunt or a sac fly ups your WAR or whatever the fuck — all you got time for is ‘OK Computer’ on repeat.

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