Jimmy Rollins Makes Broadcast Booth Debut, Promptly Curses

rollins curses

Jimmy Rollins is my guy. Love him. He has been pretty good in the booth tonight, too, during what’s been just a miserable baseball game, but I’m guessing he would like to have at least one call back.

With the Phillies trying to stay afloat down 3-1 in the seventh inning, reliever Juan Nicasio entered the game with the bases loaded and immediately plunked Pete Alonso with his first pitch to force in a run. Understandably, Rollins, a former player, reacted as he would had he been standing on the field:


Barring a drastic change of events, Rollins’ word choice seems appropriate, as the Phillies appear headed for their fourth loss in five games on what has quickly become an ugly road trip.


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