Joel Embiid, Holding Burger, Says The Series Is Over

Imagine being Joel Embiid. Ripped, rich, famous, and with quasi-capable knees. Smokeshow IG model girlfriend. An increasingly public penchant for Chick-fil-A and burgers. And just straight killing off the Nets with your team up 3-1:

Joel, is the series over?


Poor Jared Dudley. Like an overgrown turtle, just plodding around sticking his neck out, only to have it kicked by the proverbial foot of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, who is taking two wins, Shake Shack and DAT ASS from Brooklyn to Philly with him. Sixers by 40.


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  1. Is “DAT ASS” referring to the young lady getting in the van with Embiid? I hope not. That’d be a crumb way to talk about a young lady.

  2. Black Panther but you honky’s are too afraid to call me racist, choking on that white guilt and PC culture

  3. The Sixers are up 3-1 and he said the series is over. That is second level thinking on his part.

  4. Decent diet. Imagine how good he would be if his fat ass ate a salad every now & then & was in better shape.

    1. agree. science told us decades ago what food causes inflammation and this fool triples down on all of it.

  5. Instead of making sandwiches with bread, use Pop tarts.
    Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon.

    You can brush your teeth with milkshakes.

    Hey, did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College to?

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